Price time

TimeImagine that there is a bank that takes you every morning in the amount of $ 86,400. The balance of this amount from the day’s spending, does not go to the expense of the next day. Low score is reset.

What would you do with the money? We tried to squander every last penny – you might think. Each of us has such a bank. And the name of this bank – time. Each morning we were given a loan of 86,400 seconds. Every night due to reset. The residue does not count the next day. Continue reading “Price time”

A man out of time, or eternal life

lifeA wise man once said that eternity – it’s not the time that lasts forever, but to find out the time. Time – this regularity of a point in space where you should be. Time exists for the body because it is located in the space. Man, disidentification with the body, is outside of time, in eternity. He lives simply. He was never born and never dies. He did not come out of nowhere and will go nowhere. Man – this is not an organism, it is attitude. Formation of a world in which there is no death, begins with the denial of errors. After mistake – this is the little death. Continue reading “A man out of time, or eternal life”

Travel through time items and people

Travel TimeThe mayor of the Norwegian town of Otta Johan Nygarda package sealed with wax, and fined to open it in a hundred years. Eighty years envelope was kept at the post office in Oslo, twenty Brandenburg exhibited in the museum. When it finally opened, it was found that the content is proof of the possibility of time travel! Opening the package was in a festive atmosphere; a large gathering of people attended and broadcast journalists with cameras. However, initially disappointed with the contents- Inside were some old documents of the municipal government, is of no value, and the Norwegian flag. ¬†Among the papers were and two newspapers in 1914. Continue reading “Travel through time items and people”

Freemasonry – teaching out of time

Most sources devoted to Freemasonry, turn to the past, to the history of this doctrine – one of the oldest existing in the world. At the same time, very little is known about the modern Masons. This is not surprising, as the representatives of the secret order do not seek publicity … And yet, our correspondent Irina Shlionskoy managed to get some answers. Her companion was an expert on Freemasonry, known Moscow lawyer Rustam Chernov.

When there was teaching?

Officially – in the XVIII century. But some Masonic rituals date back to very ancient times, some researchers believe that they have before our era.

¬† Continue reading “Freemasonry – teaching out of time”

When time stands still

TimeScientists have put forward the sensational hypothesis that the universe is not as developed as one might think. Under this hypothesis, the universe is not expanding, and slows over time. And unimaginably distant future, time stops completely.

The classical model of the Universe
If you take the classic model of the universe, then it suggests that it was formed about 13.7 billion years ago with the Big Bang space time. Immediately after the formation of the universe began to expand like a balloon that is constantly inflated. In this case all of the Galaxy and other star systems away from each other.
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The Time of Trouble

TroubleThe great prince which standees for the children of thy people, and there will come a time of trouble, such as never was given that then, as there are people, so far, but saved at the time of your people, all of which were found to be written in the book “(Daniel 12:1).

When finished preaching to the third angel, God’s mercy will leave the wicked inhabitants of the land. The people of God made his case: he received the “latter rain”, “joy of the LORD,” and prepared for the coming hour of trial. The angels in heaven in a hurry in all directions.
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Time Machine already built

Time, MachineMany physicists seriously believe that the LHC can be used for time travel. However, when he will earn at full capacity and will cease to break.
Physics-fiction If the first journey through time treated as let the science, but science fiction, but now they suddenly turned into a favorite toy of theoretical physicists. Renowned physicist Kip Thorne of the California Institute of Technology once said in one of his lectures:
– Once upon a time travel was the exclusive prerogative of writers. Serious scientists have avoided them like the plague – even when writing novels under a pseudonym or secretly read them. How times have changed! Now in serious scientific journals can be found scientist analysis of travel time, penned by eminent physicists … Continue reading “Time Machine already built”

New look at the biological time

biological, timeScientists have proposed a new fresh look at the biological time – it turned out that for many problems being conveniently presented not as the axis, and in the form of two-dimensional surface in three-dimensional space.

The new approach being presented in the form of two-dimensional surface defined as follows. There is a central axis, which is the usual time. Along this axis “goes” perpendicular vector, rotating with a large period of 24 hours, to which are added during processes such as breathing and heartbeat.
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