Price time

Imagine that there is a bank that takes you every morning in the amount of $ 86,400. The balance of this amount from the day’s spending, does not go to the expense of the next day. Low score is reset. What would you do with the money? We tried to squander every last penny –… Read more Price time

When time stands still

Scientists have put forward the sensational hypothesis that the universe is not as developed as one might think. Under this hypothesis, the universe is not expanding, and slows over time. And unimaginably distant future, time stops completely. The classical model of the Universe If you take the classic model of the universe, then it suggests… Read more When time stands still

The Time of Trouble

The great prince which standees for the children of thy people, and there will come a time of trouble, such as never was given that then, as there are people, so far, but saved at the time of your people, all of which were found to be written in the book “(Daniel 12:1). When finished… Read more The Time of Trouble