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The shrine of Tibet

shrine of TibetRamayana is a beautiful legend, which says that as wanting to return to their lives and health of the fallen brave warriors Prince Rama sent Hanuman the Monkey King for a flower of life – Sanjiva. It is a magical plant could only be obtained on Mount Kailash, which is on the threshold of the sacred Shambhala. Mount Hanuman found, and this is how it looks like a flower – he did not know, and not to be mistaken, just in case the prince brought the whole mountain.
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End of the world was confirmed in Tibet Mankind

World EndThe World end of confirmed in Tibet Mankind is constantly excite news of the imminent doomsday. Sensational Mayan calendar predicted this year’s end of the old era and the beginning of a new era. Now its opinion on the matter and expressed the Tibetan monks. Tibetan monk Doomsday New doomsday should come December 21, 2012, with the outlook for the Nasa made ​​a Tibetan monk. For the first time the world doomsday prophesies Lama. But should we believe that the world will end 21.12.2012-same? Tibetan monk nasa made ​​a statement to the end of the world – with titles such leave many media across Russia for the last few days. Read the rest of this entry »


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