NATO threatens war Russia and China

NATO, threatensAtlantic Treaty Organization is considering the possibility of using military force against enemies who organized cyber attacks against the Alliance member states. At the same time the most dangerous, from this point of view, countries are Russia and China.
Recommendations for the use of armed force against the organizers of kibervzlomov nominated group of experts of the Alliance, headed by former U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright. “The next attack on the NATO countries will follow in the fiber optic cable”, – said in a report drawn up by experts.
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Oceans threatens the oxidation

OceanThe Marine Laboratory of the British city of Plymouth said that development is difficult to predict, but expresses concern for the fate of many species.

Carbon dioxide emissions from human activities lead to the oxidation of the oceans and threaten massive destruction of marine flora and fauna.
According to researchers, since the industrial revolution carbon dioxide emissions have led to a 30% increase the acidity of ocean water. Such acidity in the ocean was at least 500 thousand years.
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