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Betelgeuse supernova explosion – a threat to humanity!

 supernova explosionA year ago, it was reported that the spacecraft Voyager that started even before the birth of many who read these lines in 1977, came to the edge of the solar system.

Comprehending this fact, you know, to what extent this a tiny grain of sand – land, lost in the vast expanses of space! And if the threats to human existence that we create ourselves, have a chance to deal, in space there are forces that can in one moment erase astronomical maps the entire system of planets orbiting an ordinary star – the Sun! Read the rest of this entry »

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Biggest threat to the economy may have come from outer space

The sky is extremely bright, as if it were not night and day. ┬áNorthern Lights is seen everywhere, even as far south as Cuba and Hawaii. Imagine what happens that generates harmful electric fields to the earth’s electronics. That’s what happened in 1859, when the earth was hit the most severe geomagnetic storm in the history of mankind, and this storm, and possibly much more powerful, it may happen again soon …

Forget about pyramid schemes, earthquakes and hurricanes, all of this will seem insignificant compared to the effects caused by the bad space weather. The damage to the economy could be catastrophic. Read the rest of this entry »

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A threat to modern civilization

latest civilizationBack in the ancient world, hidden from the public’s knowledge of a narrow circle of devoted: Egyptian and Greek priests, Indian Brahmans, alchemical schools. Withholding knowledge contained in the printing press. Newton, for example, to keep his alchemical experiments. In the following main reasons for concealment of scientific information became military and commercial interests.

The blackout – a necessary evil for science, but it is temporary and offset by investing in science additional funds. Read the rest of this entry »

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The global warming threat of flooding of coastal regions

global warmingMore about the past 20 years, the level of the ocean has grown an average of 3.2 millimeters per year – 60% faster than expected by the UN experts.

The level of the oceans rises much faster than previously predicted, and residents of low-lying coastal areas around the world will soon be faced with the threat of flooding – German scientists warn.
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Solar flare threat an intense magnetic field

Solar flareThe Solar and Hemispheric Observatory (SOHO, its acronym in English) has detected a coronal mass ejection emerging from the blast site and heads south toward the Sun-Earth line.

Specifically, the storm broke out at 22.12 hours (CET) on Tuesday and reached its peak strength eight minutes later.

As flares are three types of classification according to their intensity-X, the most powerful, M, medium resistance, and C, the weakest-NASA has classified this eruption X-2.1 class.
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Ultra-violet threat

19th April about 19 hours to the west of Moscow for 25-30 minutes, were observed in the north-western sector of the sky ribbon of variously separate pearl (“polar stratospheric”) clouds. The sun was at an altitude of 30-35 degrees, blue-gray haze was closed.

The appearance of such clouds – a direct indication of the strong depletion of the ozone layer. Large losses of stratospheric ozone over Russia. Take care of your eyes, you can not sunbathe – reduced immunity. The risk increases with advancing to the south, more-dangerous in the mountains. When an excess of ultraviolet flux could increase concentrations of ground-level ozone is extremely dangerous for your health.

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Cyber warfare has become a real threat

Cyber, warfare The concept of cyber warfare was coined in the spring of 2007, after the information servers were attacked U.S. Department of Defense and the websites of the Estonian government. Some experts called the cyber “weapons of mass wrecking.
Security experts distinguish between three layers of cyberspace: physical (infrastructure, cables and routers), semantic (data) and syntactic (data transfer protocols). Jean-Loup Somali allocates an attack on the semantic layer (the theft, alteration or removal of information), attacks on the syntactic layer (data corruption by viruses and other interference) and the attack on the physical layer (to the real infrastructure and involve physical participation enemy).To date, the creation of viruses, Trojans, and blocking access are more simple and cheaper means than the use of guns and howitzers, while at the same time, information attack could cause real harm.
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Asteroid threat

Asteroid, threatThe real threat from space talking six years ago, when discovered asteroid “Apophis”. Giant in a few hundred meters in 2029 close to the planet at a distance of 30-40 thousand kilometers. The chances that asteroid still fall to Earth are small. But the damage space technology, he can. 30 thousand kilometers above the Earth, this altitude, where most of the spacecraft, write Vesti.

Scientists estimate if not for the atmosphere, every day the earth would fall hundreds of tons of meteoritic material. Due to the natural protection of many burns, but something has time and fly. One of the largest collections of meteorites in the Russia Academy of Sciences. Thousands of copies.
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