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The third generation Mars rovers landing on Mars

roverA new rover NASA Curiosity has reached its target and landed near the Martian crater Gale, where will the research mission, which will help scientists figure out where on Mars could or could support life.

Mars Science Laboratory, the total cost of which amounted to 2.5 billion dollars, was launched in 2004. His main point was a research rover Curiosity – a representative of the third generation Mars rovers.

It far exceeds the capabilities of their “ancestors”: almost toy Sojourner, and somewhat more respectable Spirit and Opportunity.
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The third world is predictable-because it is not possible

worldThe new scale of danger of war is … the conviction of its impossibility. Everything is so stupid, that works just as once, in an unaltered form. Closer to war, the better it proved impossible.
Think before the First War and the Second World War there was no political scientists, geo-politicians, lobbyists and other parasitic strata of intellectual class? There were no economists, writers and futurists? There were also abundant. If you look at the press in 1913, and especially the press in 1939, you can find the most authentic, compelling theory of the impossibility of large-scale wars. You can choose from a variety of denial: it is impossible, because there is a single economy and mutual investments, it is impossible, because the consequences would be disastrous for everyone involved, it is impossible, because all flee. And so on. Read the rest of this entry »

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