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Quantum theory and also the uncommon nature of light

lightningAccording to the scientific purpose of read, the ghost – a full of life bunch, reasonably plasmid. now ought to stipulate that atheistic science never thought of a ghost because the item of study a genuine complete science involves its analysis and supernatural world, together with such recent because the world, phenomena like ghosts and apparitions.

scientific theory comes from the actual fact that the ghosts – consists of bound universal particle formation, that manifest themselves in bound interactions with objects and phenomena of the fabric world. Quanta purportedly produce a ghost due to its uncommon nature, doesn’t work into our customary notions of area and time. Read the rest of this entry »

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Theory of the Universe

 the UniverseScientists so famously fouled with different theories, it is difficult to understand that either. In this theory, do not stop and breeds of this maze is not visible back to the starting point. What I do not like from the beginning – is the introduction of the concept of The space-time as what it is like as existing independently.

However, no one can say what is clean The space – in which no particles, no radiation, no fields. Most probably say that this can not be. Einstein tried to describe the system of equations three fields – gravitational, electric and magnetic. Read the rest of this entry »

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The generally accepted theory of human evolution

evolution humanInternational group of scientists in Georgia have been found fossils that show that several species of early human ancestor belong to the same species Homo erectus .This conclusion was made by anthropologists from Israel, Georgia , United States and Switzerland , after a study of skulls that were found in a small town in southern Georgia .

In addition to the skull , the age of which 1.8 million years old, were found and other remains of ancient man and bones of extinct animals . Discovered discoveries forced scientists to rethink views on human evolution in Africa.

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Theory of Everything Unified Field Theory of time

Time theoryTheory of time for a Theory of Everything. It is based on a spatial physical time, which shows that the time is a fundamental building material total . Given that the answer is – the physical time, the analysis and shows the essence of the nature of time, as time passes, and why, why things are moving so and not otherwise, and the movement of bodies in space affects the chain of events in time, the mechanism of action of time in the sequence of cause and effect events. It is shown that the physical nature of time in all its other space, warmth, all kinds of wave fields of energy and strength, subatomic particles and the cause of all their properties they possess, is time. Read the rest of this entry »

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Plank challenged the Big Bang theory

Big Bang theoryMap of the old world of the visible universe intriguing scientists shows deviations from the predictions. Study space observatory “Plank” cosmic background microwave light shows significant differences with earlier and less accurate data. Scientists are asking whether it is possible to explain these strange and they lead us to the threshold of a revolution in cosmology. Read the rest of this entry »

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Teleportation and quantum theory

quantum theoryHow do you see the process of teleportation?, Most say they have to take a cab any special, like a lift, which will take them to another place. But some imagine it another way- we collect with information about the position of atoms, electrons, etc. in our body, this information is transmitted to another place, using this information, you gather again, but in a different place.

This option is probably not possible due to the Heisenberg uncertainty principle- we can not know the exact location of the electrons in the atom. However, this principle can be overcome due to interesting properties of two electrons– if two electrons initially oscillate in unison (a condition called coherent), they are able to keep the wave synchronization even at a great distance from each other.
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