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The world once again approaching a giant asteroid

Our worldAccording to scientists, our planet is approaching asteroid giant. It became known in the course of observations by the Russian robotic telescope Master, which is in South Africa Sutherland Observatory.

The object has already been compared with the asteroid Apophis that may face our planet in 5 years. The diameter of the ring of a celestial body is about a kilometer, which is three times more than the already known Apophis. The turnover of the asteroid around the Sun is 2 Earth years. Scientists plan to monitor the activity of the new celestial body. Now it is necessary to calculate the trajectory and evaluate the potential danger to Earth. Read the rest of this entry »

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The largest adobe city in the world

adobe cityThe archaeological complex of Chan Chan (Chan Chan) is located in the Moche Valley, on the Pacific coast, 5km from the city of Trujillo and 550 kilometers from Lima. Chan Chan – the largest adobe city in the world. Ancient buildings occupy an area of over 14 km2. The central part of the city is formed by nine so-called palaces – large, walled grounds, smaller sectors and freestanding pyramids. City center covers an area of approximately 6 km2.

The rest of the complex – the old, poorly preserved buildings: the remains of roads, canals, walls and cemeteries. In 1986, Chan Chan gained World Heritage status by UNESCO. Unfortunately, later the town was included in the Red List of World Heritage as an architectural monument, endangered. Read the rest of this entry »

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10 most mysteriously talented people in the world


PeopleProdigious memory, the ability to run indefinitely, and to control their body temperature – superpowers, obtained as a result of injuries and evolution.

For most people, talent – is the ability to sing, dance and so on. But some people are able to more of this, and most of them can not even control myself.

1. Orlando cereal

Whatever it was sad to have brain damage, there is a very small percentage of people who survived it and get a new unusual ability. People who get special abilities after a head injury, diagnosed acquired savant syndrome. Read the rest of this entry »

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The oldest city in the world

oldest cityThe most ancient civilizations of Egypt is considered to be V-IV millennium BC.  with its capital at Memphis, founded around 3100 BC.

Other ancient civilization -Sumer, with its city-states of Ur,Babylon and other – has existed since the end of IV to the beginning of II millennium BC. in Mesopotamia, in the south of present-day Iraq.

The most ancient cities of India- Harappa, Mohenjo-daro, date back to the IV-III millennium BC., the famous Petra- a city carved into the rocks of South Jordan- the end of the II millennium BC. Read the rest of this entry »

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These are the five most expensive beer in the world

Can you imagine what it tastes like a beer for $ 800? International Forbes magazine has produced a ranking of the world’s most expensive beer. The cheapest is sold for $ 150. We review the top five: Ale Antiparticle Antarctic ice is made and is made with 90% water. What makes it so special? In addition to the source of your water, have hit the market only 30 bottles of this beer. That makes it the most expensive in the world. Your price: 600 euros. Read the rest of this entry »

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The end of the world was a month

 the world closedEnjoy the pleasures of this world Earthlings there are very long – up to date, scheduled Maya has only one month.

There is growing demand for underground bunkers, as every day we are ever closer to the ominous date – December 21, 2012. It is these numbers scare humanity for several years running.

People are actively preparing for the important date: some buy and build underground bunkers in hopes of escape from certain death there, others had given up all up and refuse to pay the fines and loans, as no longer see the point.
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