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Secrets of the Volgograd region

the Volgograd regionThe most exciting imagination are dug in 1874 tunnels with a total length of 150 meters convent. It is believed that once an underground passage passed under the bed of the Don, making it possible to move to the left bank. In one part of the cave, and now is the main shrine of the monastery – the rock on which prints have two hands and knees. According to tradition they belong here molivsheysya mother Arseny. It is believed that if the drop to this stone with prayer can heal from a variety of ailments and diseases.

Elton Lake owes its name to the golden-pink color of its waters. Al-fence-Hyp (in Russian pronunciation Elton) in Turkic means gold mine. Red and brine streams flowing into it was described by the famous naturalist Pallas in the XVIII century. Read the rest of this entry »

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