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Scientists are studying the activity of the super in the U.S.

the U.SThe last known eruption of Yellowstone super volcano occurred 600,000 years ago, and it is the frequency of eruptions 600,000 years can be traced to the geological history of the North American continent. However, experts and volcanologists do not believe that the migration of bison in Yellowstone National Park and frequent earthquakes are harbingers of a new giant eruption (2.1 million years ago, the Yellowstone volcano ash fell asleep a quarter of the U.S. Read the rest of this entry »

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In the U.S., noticed three strange hole in the clouds

 cloudsThree unusual form clouds were photographed IT specialist Wesley Tyler. Picture it was taken when he drove a car near one of the beaches in South Carolina on January 7. Photo three strange formations he put in the Internet.

At first I thought it was a cloud of a tornado, but the wind was not around. This was unusual. I’ve been here for many years, but nothing like not have to see, – says the author of the picture, according to National Geographic.

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Aliens have predicted the collapse of the Soviet Union, Chechnya, and now the U.S.

AliensJournalist writes Kursk Publishing Tokarev Love: After the publication of material found in Kursk man abducted by aliens my phone is almost never stopped.

Calling people too near the station Ryshkov faced with a strange policeman in the Soviet form. More have been calls from readers who say they have seen UFOs, and some have argued that all communicated with abnormal guests. Read the rest of this entry »

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In the U.S., called the threat to the state of Putin

PutinThe State of Putin threatened domination of China and the internal conflict, the vice-president of American Foreign Policy Council Ilene Berman. This week sees the publication of his book, Inside the explosion: the end of Russia and what it means for America Implosion: The End of Russia and What It Means for America. According to the author, today, Putin’s country seems strong, but behind it lies the increasing weakness, which can cause more damage to U.S. interests than any trouble that may cause Russia today.In Russia, the change is coming, no less profound than the collapse of the Soviet Union, leading his viewpoint USA Today translation – InoPressa. Read the rest of this entry »

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