What will happen if a comet crash into the Sun

comet crashAstronomers from the UK and the US studied the likely head-on collision of a massive comet with the sun. According to scientists, the comet to reach the lower layers of the atmosphere it should be harder to million tons. When enough amounts and close approach to the Sun, the comet may fall on its surface at a speed of additional than 600 kilometers per second.

This comet nucleus will experience lateral deformation up to an explosion in the solar atmosphere, accompanied by the ultraviolet and X-ray observation are possible by means of modern observatories. Continue reading “What will happen if a comet crash into the Sun”

The Temple of the Sun

TempleMajestic religious building ancient Mayan ruins of which were found in an abandoned city under the provisional name of Palenque, is striking in its reasonableness, engineering accuracy and richness of decoration.

The length of the temple complex is about thirteen meters. The facade of the building facing the rising sun, that is, to the east. Front wall separate three massive input aperture, so that the central part of the wall resembles a column decorated with stucco. Inner rooms are extensive galleries with stone floors made of polished slabs. Continue reading “The Temple of the Sun”

The Sun formed 100,000 kilometer thread of magnetism

Magnetic fieldScientists watching the new entity that emerged in the sun on July 29. The length of this magnetic thread is more than 100,000 km from end to end, and it is filled with dense plasma. Winding thread rises from the solar magnetic fields.

If it will break or fracture, it will fall to the surface of the star, which can result in flash Haider – flash type that does not require the presence of a sunspot.

Anxious lull in the Sun

the SunOn the visible side of the sun is almost no sunspots, which is an indication of very low solar activity. Lull turns the conventional theory of the Sun, as 2013 should be a maximum of the 24th cycle of solar activity, with lots of flares and sunspots. Some scientists believe that the solar maximum is passed. Others suggest that it will be two-humped, and now we are between vertices. If so, the solar activity may increase again in the late 2013 – early 2014’s.Source:Scientists are studying more than 400 years the Sun, but still can not predict the behavior of the solar cycle. Continue reading “Anxious lull in the Sun”

An Unknown planet near the Sun

planet near the SunThe sun is visible next to another planet. By using a filter to decrease the brightness of sunlight, which would eliminate the possibility of glare.

As you know, there is a theory about Planet X and the fact that it was already close to the sun. Its orbital period is that every 188 days, it is close to the Earth as close. Continue reading “An Unknown planet near the Sun”

The Earth and the Sun are joined every 8 minutes

PlanetThe sky will happen something in that many scientists still do not believe. Magnetic portal will open, connecting the Earth and the Sun at a distance of 93 million miles. Tons of high-energy particles can pass through the opening before it closes again, around the time you finish reading this page to the end.

Physicist David Saybek of the Center for Space Flight. R. Goddard (NASA, USA) calls this phenomenon the redistribution of power flows (FTE).
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