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The most earth like planets

achieve the most Earth like planetsA global catastrophe and we have to vacate the land. How long will it take to get to the most Earth like planets out of all that we have found to date? To begin with, the most Earth like planets of all detected is Kepler 452b.

Know about this planet, thanks to the space telescope Kepler, launched in March 2009 and who prey on the planet the last 5 years. Kepler 452 a star similar to the Sun, which is hurtling through space 1,400 light years from Earth. It should be noted that the star has the same surface temperature as that of our sun and almost the same energy output.

In general, as the sun, and Kepler 452 a yellow G-type dwarfs. This means that the Kepler 452 habitable zone the region around the star, which could theoretically exist, liquid water is almost identical to the sun. And interestingly, in the area around this star it revolves planet path which is almost identical to Earth, Kepler 452b. This planet takes almost the same place as the Earth in the solar system. Read the rest of this entry »

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