On The Moon Want to Build a Temple

 In order to satisfy the spiritual and psychological needs of people who will be the first  colonists on the Moon.It is proposed to build an observatory temple on South Pole.

The author of the project on erecting a temple on the Moon was the graduate of the London College of Art, Spaniard Jorge Manes Rubio. People whose home will be the Moon will be cut off from civilization in a dark, cold and extremely inhospitable world and the need for spiritual communication among them can become very urgent. Continue reading “On The Moon Want to Build a Temple”

The moon found the entrance to an underground alien base

 alien baseThe pictures of the Moon in Google Earth, in one of the craters can be considered unusual square grooves, similar to the entrance to the underground bunker.

Bancroft  a small impact crater on the eastern border of the Sea of Rains on the visible side of the Moon. Continue reading “The moon found the entrance to an underground alien base”

The scientists compared the origin of water on Earth and the Moon

OriginThe information contained in samples of lunar soil water got in there with the proto-Earth, British scientists have found. According to the most common theory of the origin of the moon, the satellite has resulted from the collision of Earth with a celestial body the size of Mars. Scientists examined samples that age is much older than the oldest rock samples on Earth. The study was intended to show how things were with the water on the moon shortly after it occurs 4.5 billion years ago. was found that crystals of apatite contains a significant amount of water. Scientists have measured the isotopic characteristics of hydrogen in the lunar water and revealed their possible origin. Continue reading “The scientists compared the origin of water on Earth and the Moon”

The smell of the moon …

moonApollo 17 astronaut Jack Schmitt was the first in the history of a man who suffered an attack of hay fever, is the chapels ground. The attack began quite rapidly – as Jack took off his helmet, after the first walk on the moon, he immediately felt that his nose is stuffed up.

A strange voice astronaut attention in Hstone as he gave the message. It was a reaction to the lunar dust. The same reaction, but to a lesser degree, was with him and after the second and the third exit at the moon. It is quite possible that it has acquired a sort of immunity to the lunar dust. Continue reading “The smell of the moon …”

People have lived on the moon

People on moonSpace investigation, including manned, has fulfilled its chronological mission, having produced a lot of information about the traces of ancient civilizations on the Moon and Mars. Thus, according to the best-selling “Dark Mission: The Secret History of NASA,” says a former employee of the agency, Richard Hoagland, who told that NASA hides what secrets conceal these celestial bodies.

– Richard, how long do you in my opinion know that in the universe there is a “sign of life”?

– Since I started an in-depth study of the issues related to the presence of intelligent life in outer space, it’s been almost 30 years. I was particularly interested in the subject buildings and the presence of artificial structures on other planets.
Continue reading “People have lived on the moon”