The earth rises a giant super moon

BIG MOONMoon this November and December, during the full moon will appear unusually large due to the closest approach to the Earth, the Moon will be the November record high over the past 68 years.

Supermoon – this astronomical phenomenon when the full moon coincides with the moment of closest approach the Moon and the Earth and the moon appears 14 percent bigger and 30 percent brighter than usual. The moon at this point looks like a huge glowing ball as Earth passes closest to the point of its orbit – perigee. Continue reading “The earth rises a giant super moon”

The Earth to the Sun superfluous

 Sun superflareThe sun is quite capable of super outburst, say astronomers detected by a telescope Kepler star, the radiation which resembles ordinary, flash. About his discovery, scientists told the journal Astrophysical Journal Letters.  A solar flare is a process of explosive release of energy, light, heat and kinetic in the stellar atmosphere.

Super outburst power greater than ten times the usual. Astronomers have discovered in the Milky Way galaxy double star KIC9655129, which is capable of super outburst. Researchers point to the overall physical properties of these phenomena and ordinary solar flares – which indirectly confirms the ability of the latter to throw super outburst. Continue reading “The Earth to the Sun superfluous”

The earth is entering a new geological era

New worldScientists from the Norwegian Polar Institute say that the earth is entering a new geological era. That is the conclusion they came, watching the ice cover of the Arctic during the coldest months of the year. According to specialists, the Arctic ice is moving to another state.

If they had covered the Arctic Ocean all year, and now the ice melts in the summer, sometimes completely disappearing on a large part of the waters of the ocean. Continue reading “The earth is entering a new geological era”

The earth is our home – for how long?

Our WorldIn our surrounding environment, constantly occurring adverse changes that threaten the very existence of life on Earth. Increasing areas of deserts, dry ponds, reduces the area occupied today by forests, etc.

Mankind also contributes to the acceleration of this negative process: reduction of their living space.

Throughout its existence, people invade their surrounding environment, and it mercilessly exploited to improve their welfare. And it does not think about the future consequences that may result from such not deliberate, intensive exploitation of natural resources. Continue reading “The earth is our home – for how long?”

Scientists suggest that the poles of the Earth are going to roll over

Earth polesLocated deep within the Earth’s molten core that generates a magnetic field that protects the planet from the ravages of solar winds. Protective field extends thousands of kilometers into space and its magnetism affects all human life – from the migration of animals to weather conditions, writes Deyli Mail.

However, this magnetic field is incredibly important for all life on Earth over the past 200 years has weakened by 15%. And that, scientists say, could be a sign that the poles of the earth are going to roll over. Continue reading “Scientists suggest that the poles of the Earth are going to roll over”

What god people walk the earth?

 walk the earthAccording to the research paper, published under the title The general picture of widespread religion. The Global Religious Landscape. Research Center Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life, in general, 84% of the world’s population, which has 6.9 billion people, are considered believers.
The category of not belonging to any religion, are those people who do not belong to any religion – from atheists and agnostics, and ending with those who have spiritual beliefs, but do not consider themselves a traditional denomination. Continue reading “What god people walk the earth?”

The Earth and the Sun are joined every 8 minutes

PlanetThe sky will happen something in that many scientists still do not believe. Magnetic portal will open, connecting the Earth and the Sun at a distance of 93 million miles. Tons of high-energy particles can pass through the opening before it closes again, around the time you finish reading this page to the end.

Physicist David Saybek of the Center for Space Flight. R. Goddard (NASA, USA) calls this phenomenon the redistribution of power flows (FTE).
Continue reading “The Earth and the Sun are joined every 8 minutes”