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The Age of Aquarius

AgeSomewhere it stated in general terms, somewhere deeper, somewhere is trying to give his definition of classical science, or write about their feelings all sorts of psychics, many different interpretations, there are now another.

Most often, the beginning of the Aquarian age is associated with the arrival on earth of the new energies. Let us try to understand what kind of energy, as they are new, and how they affect us.

Let us imagine a flashlight, which instead of a simple, transparent glass is red. Enable it, and our flashlight all begins to illuminate in red. Now let’s change the glass in the blue, turn – a flashlight shines blue. Read the rest of this entry »

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The Age of Aquarius

AquariusMany will recall that at the turn of the millennium and then there were talks about the advent of the era of Aquarius. Opinions astrologers thus divided: some say that the Age of Aquarius has already come, while others claim that it will soon begin.

But what it is really the era of Aquarius, very few people clearly and sensibly explains. To understand what this mysterious era, it is necessary to retreat a little bit ago. As you know, sun makes a complete circle around the Earth in one year. Read the rest of this entry »

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