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In Texas Chupacabra killed

ChupacabraFamily from Texas said that it had destroyed the area near his home Chupacabra, reports ABC News. According to the Orth family, they killed a mysterious animal a few days ago, on Sunday, February 23. According to 79-year-old Doug Orta, chupacabra was spotted when gave a loud sound.

His grandson, armed, ran out of the house and shot the creature from a distance of several hundred meters. Orth said the house caught chupacabra dog food. Where at the time the animal was a dog owned by the family, is not specified. Read the rest of this entry »

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Mystery of Texas grave next to Oswald’s solved

Texas graveNEW YORK (AP) — For years, curiosity seekers visiting the Fort Worth, Texas, grave of Lee Harvey Oswald have wondered about the simple headstone next door, marked Nick Beef.

It turns out Nick Beef is alive and living in New York.

The New York Times reports that the 56-year-old man who uses that name purchased the cemetery plot next to Oswald’s in 1975 and had the granite marker placed there in 1997.

Beef, born Patric Abedin, now lives in Manhattan and calls himself a nonperforming performance artist.

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