Terrible and dangerous lamprey

 lampreyIt is difficult to name the fish is disgusting creature, like a huge worm. Because of the ability to stick to solids, these animal pests called lamprey, which means licking stone. But if they attach themselves to rocks only! Some species of lampreys – real vampires.

Whether the fish, then there is no

Lamprey existed on earth even 360 million years ago and since then has remained almost unchanged. It is considered a distant ancestor of the current gnathostomatous vertebrates. Continue reading “Terrible and dangerous lamprey”

Most terrible monsters of world religions

 monstersGod not only is ladybugs, but fear and retribution. Every religion teaches its followers righteous life through stories about the victories of kindness, love and blessing. If good parables do not help, there will always be a terrible, horrible monster, ready to set the stubborn sinner bashing.

In various religions, the add monsters name differently. So here’s a list of the most horrible monsters religious paying heed to your actions and just waiting for a chance to pay you a visit. Continue reading “Most terrible monsters of world religions”

Paul Craig Roberts-U.S.moving to a terrible catastrophe

Paul CraigThe news maker of the week was the Fed that shocked financial markets with the announcement that there would be phased out. What do you think? For the Fed situation is as follows. All markets, as well as the big banks and their ability to pay are entirely dependent on the Fed’s purchase of bonds. If they will not buy bonds, rates rise, the value of debt instruments will fall, banks will go bankrupt again, the bond market and stock collapse. So they can not turn easing, because the whole system is tied to it. Another aspect of the trap into which they fell, is that the longer they will keep easing, the faster the time will come when the rest of the world will just lose all confidence in the dollar. Continue reading “Paul Craig Roberts-U.S.moving to a terrible catastrophe”

The most terrible Museum

Museum of Psychiatry (Missouri, USA) chilling exposure and body
It is worth noting that America – a country full of oddities: strange mentality, strange laws, and so she did odd museums stuffed to the eyeballs. That’s about one of them, namely, the Museum of psychiatry in the town of St. Joseph (Missouri). In this place quite openly demonstrate those old “good” methods of curing the patient of the human soul, from which chills the body and soul (even healthy) to your heels run. Continue reading “The most terrible Museum”

The Ark of the Covenant

The scene takes place on a sacred mountain of ancient Egypt in the Sinai Peninsula, along a path which access is forbidden to ordinary mortals. Kneeling before a burning bush, Moses the prophet is listening to the orders of the God of Israel. “You shall make an ark of acacia wood and you recoverable the pure gold. And inside you shall put the Testimony that I will give you,” commands the Lord Yahweh.And Moses obeyed. Aided by the faithful Bzaleel, and following the instructions to the letter of his God, the Hebrew patriarch built a box of 125 cm long by 75 tall and wide and it covers it with pure gold, both the inside and outside. He therefore covers a golden lid, called propitiatory. Above, he places two statuette representing the cherubim. And sides of the box it fits 4 rings so you can transport it easily, without touching, inserting sticks.
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Ivan the Terrible had two sons

Ivan,TerribleIvan the Terrible’s son Dmitry was two. One was married to one, his beloved wife Anastasia Romanova, and this prince was the rightful heir to the throne. After the conquest of Kazan, the king fell ill: thought – would not get up. He even commanded to swear the baby-prince. Not all the nobles and relatives agreed to kiss the cross on the faithful to Dmitri at the bedside of King strife began. Ivan IV was still recovered, but since then his distrust of the boyars turned into a permanent suspicion. After recovery, the king went on a pilgrimage to the monasteries, taking with him his wife and son. Part of the way they sailed on the boats. The ceremony required that the prince was carrying at the hands of mother, and it was supported by the arms, two boyars. Once the entire group boarded the rickety gangplank and fell into the water. Adults only get wet, and the baby drowned. According to other sources, Dmitry cold on the road and died.
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Do not trample down “Terrible Vengeance”!

Probably everyone who was in the woods at least once a feeling of fear, no cosiness, anxiety, without any apparent reason. The forest seems to be the same, and the swamp like just seen as two drops of water, and the skin runs quake. In such places in ancient times connected the legend of the evil force of the mysterious enchanted treasures. These sought desperately heads, and people are cautious, however, tried to evade them by. Now, such ground stations often appear in stories about UFOs and other anomalous phenomena. Is not it curious? We asked for an explanation ufologist Stanislaw ERMAKOVA .- When asked about the location of areas I would not want to answer – once warned us Ermakov. – Hiking in the “anomalous zones” in vogue. Should people know about the existence of such a place, how to send the crowd of enthusiasts, pseudo-seekers and just curious. Zone simply top chut. Continue reading “Do not trample down “Terrible Vengeance”!”

Terrible weapon of Byzantium

Most of the historical sources attribute the invention of Greek fire mechanics Callinicos of Heliopolis. Historian Theophanes in the “Chronograph” reports that in 673 AD, during the siege of Constantinople by the Arabs, the Byzantine emperor gave Callinicos recipe incendiary composition, later called Greek fire.

The composition was placed in a closed vessel, which was spilling catapults at the enemy. In some manuscripts say that poured out of the wrecked vessel, in conjunction with the air mixture is ignited. Cover with Greek fire was impossible: water only increased its combustion.
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