Ten of the best technologies of the year

TechonologyTechnology news are full of important events, but few of them represent real breakthroughs. The best university in the world in 2014, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, regularly gives to the surface incredible discovery and development, presented his top ten breakthrough technologies of the present time.

According to the authors, this breakthroughs that will make a difference for many years. In this series, we will learn more about each item.

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Five technologies can change our life

technologiesAccording to scientists, technology will affect almost all people – pupils and students, shoppers, residents and hospital patients.

1. School Classroom of the Future, in the representation of IBM, will allow each individual to make a personal student learning. Teachers will know all about student progress, assessment and attendance lessons. Based on the data on the performance, teachers will be able to offer him a personalized schedule for all levels of education – from kindergarten to university. Continue reading “Five technologies can change our life”

Ten technologies that changed this decade

Ten , technologiesWith 2010 coming to an end the first decade of the third millennium. If the entire twentieth century has been called the century of speed and information technology, it is only in the last 10 years the world has greatly changed through this same information technologies. Mobile telephones have become the dominant means of communication, replacing, for example, postal mail, telegrams and postcards. Computers have become more mobile and this notion definitively shifted towards laptops (and then there appeared net books and diligence Apple has finally begun to take its ecological niche tablets).
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