In the Good night kids talked about the protests

night kidsIn the children’s program dealt with the protests. Children of the night was told that such protests. It all started with a teddy bear. Mishutka tired after football, zakapriznichal and flatly refused to help the hare Stepashko. And then made a surprise move – quite in the spirit of the time. Lying strike did not last long. Came leading Oxana Fedorova and chided Mishutka – it behaves ugly. And also explain the curious Stepashko that as a joke threw his friend. then leading, which is also in the spirit of the time, actually led the protest movement. It is proposed to hold a share – about the dough, in other words, to sculpt cakes. Continue reading “In the Good night kids talked about the protests”

The kid talked about his past life

LifeA huge grain of salt belong to any kind of mysterious and unexplained phenomena, but something happened that made my husband and I strongly think about the supernatural in our lives and about life in general. Our son was a little over two years, when it happened. To say it was pretty late. At least we thought so against the background of his peers, who already being talked and expressed almost hard-compound sentences. And our continued Nikita molchat. Zagovoril it exactly two years, at once, a lot and clearly pronouncing every sound and very correct.
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American doctor talked with next world

Next worldNeurosurgeon from the U.S., was skeptical about the talk of the next world. However, having gone through whom, he found himself in a place whose existence is denied. His experiences staying in heaven, he shared in the book, which goes on sale later this month. America is stuck in the waiting, and the author does willingly give interviews.

“As a neurosurgeon, I do not believe in the phenomenon of” poslesmertnogo “experience. As the son of a neurosurgeon, I grew up in the scientific world. I followed the example of his father and became an academic neurosurgeon, he taught at Harvard Medical School and other universities.
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