How did the amulets and talismans?

Origins of amulets need to search and mists covered with darkness and mystery. The first person who decided that the raised stone or torn grass brought him luck, and remained unknown to science. But after this ancestor already many thousands of people continue to believe in the power of talismans and amulets. As we have mentioned, first of amulet could play any rough object. But time passed, and charms became more complicated. Primitive forms of nature ceased to meet the person and charms are made of. In addition, more and more complex their role. Continue reading “How did the amulets and talismans?”

Ancient Celts

The ancient Celts. Scottish scholar of folklore and ancient texts, Katherine Mary Briggs, who in his student years, specializing in English folklore and its existence in culture, in his book “The Fairies in English literature and cultural tradition,” states the following: the Celts, to keep them out of used special talismans and amulets, combining them with spells wearing. Further, the author in the twentieth chapter of the book says that the first such amulets to protect against elves, found in Anglo-Saxon culture. These amulets were called “veil”, which translated means “fairy”. One of these was the evil fairy lady Nimyue – the owner of the lake, which is exactly the image was repeated in an amulet depicting a small winged creature. Continue reading “Ancient Celts”

They believed the ancient people

As a result, any natural phenomenon or a natural disaster early human logically connected with the person. The night sky, the stars, the rustle of leaves, the sound of the sea, rustling – all this our ancestors saw fantastic images, fueled by creative imagination. Trying to ward off “evil spirits” living in each stone, tree, plant, they have built a defense. These assistants, custodians are amulets and talismans.
Thus, the ancient magic is based on the law of universal ownership and affinity: in the human world is interconnected with everything, and the world, in turn, is connected with a man as man is related to his race. No wonder the most ancient myths describe the origins of the world of human body parts, or, as the ancient Scandinavians, giant. Continue reading “They believed the ancient people”

Amulets and Talismans Introduction

Amulets and talismany Nekotorye might think that the word “charm” and “mascot” – are synonymous. After all, both are designed to protect people from all sorts of life’s difficulties, troubles and tribulations. More, that protection with supernatural powers! Amulets and talismans – magical items that should bring happiness to its owner. However, they still have some specific features that distinguish one concept from another. To find out what is the difference between a talisman and amulet, please check the custodians of knowledge through such as dictionaries and encyclopedias. The word “mascot” is derived from the Arabic word “talasm” and transfer-magical talisman-image. Continue reading “Amulets and Talismans Introduction”