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Secrets of the Takla Makan

Takla, MakanThe remnants of ancient sand structures that could tell a very strange thing and, no doubt, to destroy our understanding of how China’s history took shape, and human civilization in general.
The fact that recently the Internet, especially in the conspiracy of his segment, keeps popping up on the traces of European civilization in China. There is a legend according to which it is here at one time there was a war, and fought Caucasoid type giants with red hair.

Just the facts scientists and archaeologists have found in the Takla Makan mummified body, which became a scientific sensation, and known to the world under the name “Tarim mummies.” They belong to the 18th century BC, they have the structure of Caucasoid individuals, on some clothes to keep the country, more than came up to the Vikings or the Scottish highlanders – socks, coats with a checkered pattern of the picture, and their blond and red hair plaited into braids …
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