Found the second planetary system

our solarFound the second planetary system similar to our Solar as two drops of water. This discovery made by a group of European astronomers, and much earlier than him decided to tell the public. Before announcing a new discovery, scientists had to rework a huge amount of material left by the Space Telescope Kepler, who went to the other world.

The system-twin, like ours, there are seven planets that orbit stars. Gas giants are on it at a considerable distance, and are located closer to the star the planet ground denser. Continue reading “Found the second planetary system”

Solar system has its own matrix

matrixScientists have happy the world a new detection. Outcomes can be stated as follows: “There is the matrix of life in space.” The Observatory Arizona Sovern Chang in an interview Irwing Natural said: “I saw it, it was God.” A huge education in the solar system, code-named Matrix BQI-33087 claims to be the world demurring.

History of the finding of thirty years, when at that time young scientists laboratory astrophysics Seattle Denil Robbins, Ron Jeremy and Sovern Chang began to gather information about an unknown material scattered within the orbit of Neptune and Mars. Continue reading “Solar system has its own matrix”

A planetary system with two suns

sunAmerican space telescope ‘Kepler’ exposed a planetary system with two suns. In the Kepler-47 system has two planets orbiting a dual star.

One of the explanatory is in the so-called habitable zone, says investigator Jerome Orosz of the University of San Diego in the U.S. journal Science. It is unlikely that there is life out there, but the opening, however, suggests that even a binary star possible existence of a complete planetary system like our solar system.
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The clash of viruses and immune system

immune systemThe human genes in the history of “arms race” between viruses and the immune system. Anti-virus protection and virus proteins, being deceived, developed in the tracks. But the race in which the animals come out until the winners going on.

The arms race – an attribute not only human civilization. The confrontation of viral agents and the immune system of a living organism – an example of a far more inventive, much more ancient and infinite in its essence of the conflict.
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BAC suspended due to a leak in the cooling system

cooling ,system Hadron Collider was shut down for several hours due to a leak in the cooling system, RIA Novosti reported with reference to its own unnamed source at CERN.

“The sensors recorded the flow in the circuit of dematerialized water, which cools the power supply pumps cryogenic cooling system, as well as the power of magnets”, – told. It is assumed that the idle time of the accelerator is about 6 hours.

It is emphasized that the problem fairly minor and the work of the accelerator will be restored soon.
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The skin and skeletal system : Bone System

Along with the color bone system is most often used in determining the differences between people. The bones form the skeleton of the human body is skeletal system is responsible for the fact that one man tall and narrow-shouldered, while the other stocky and has short fingers. (Of course, that the fat layer also affects the appearance of man, but it is easy to change a diet.) Growth is typically distinctive features of different nations. In all groups of people are stunted and tall individuals. However, the average growth of Scandinavians much more than the average growth of Sicilians. Living in Northern France on average, slightly higher than those in the South of France.
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