Sword of Monomakh

Many have heard the famous nick name Vladimir- Monomakh, but few people know why it was called the prince. In 1043 his grandfather Yaroslav the Wise sent his son Vladimir in the military campaign against┬áByzantium. Russian boats came to Constantinople, where they were met by a fleet of Byzantine Emperor Constantine Monomakh. Boil battle. Armed… Read more Sword of Monomakh

Strange sword Hrabovo

Poland town of Hrabovo that only a few kilometers from the city of Kielce. Here, in the early 21st century. during the mining of limestone workers discovered a mysterious metallic object. When the discovery carefully cleaned and inspected from the ground, it became clear that this well-preserved iron sword. He was produced in about 400… Read more Strange sword Hrabovo

The Sword and the Cup

The archetypes of the sword and the cup I would destroy a prejudice that permeates our knowledge and imposition of thought is to say that man throughout history has always saw himself and his environment in the same way. The rationalist might object that the sense organs have always been the same, so that perception… Read more The Sword and the Cup