Ten creatures that survive a nuclear war

survive nuclear warMany believe that in the event of a large-scale nuclear war in the world is nothing left alive. However, at least 10 species of living creature’s chances of survival are quite high.

Amoeba# One of the simplest forms of life, may be the basis for the emergence of new kinds of living beings in the post-nuclear world. Amoeba exactly will survive, experts say. In winter it can fall into a kind of hibernation, in addition, these micro-organisms in the world there are a great many, they multiply rapidly and are not sensitive to radiation. So they have all the chances. Continue reading “Ten creatures that survive a nuclear war”

Super Luna 2013-How to survive June 23?

LunaThe ratio of the movement of celestial bodies and their cycles have to what is happening in the world and where do all medical news? In recent years, the achievement of the moon perigee nearest point on the lunar orbit to the Earth, nicknamed Super Lunoy due to the substantial increase of the heavenly body in the “observed” quantities, causes serious public health experts fear …

In the past year, such astronomical phenomenon was in May and the experts noted, in addition to the local geomagnetic disturbances and natural disasters flooding rivers in Brazil, the earthquake in Georgia, devastating storm in Japan, splash some exacerbation of various diseases. Continue reading “Super Luna 2013-How to survive June 23?”

The teenager was forced to drink a liquid lens and their urine

Australian desertEighteen year old Briton lost during sports jogging. For three days, passed in heat waves, the teenager was forced to drink a liquid lens and their urine, to die from dehydration.

Sam Derry went for a run on Tuesday morning. The young man from Europe recently got a job mate on a farm near the Australian city of Long reach. Derry got lost while running in woodland. He came out of the thicket into the wilderness, and went in obviously the wrong direction.
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NASA geared up to survive the nightmarish seven minutes

nightmarishExtremely little is left up to the instant when the American Curiosity rover will land on the Red Planet, after eight months of space travel, according to NASA. The signal on the landing to arrive at the Earth at 09:31 GMT today and the spacecraft touches the surface of Mars for seven minutes earlier.

Curiosity at a speed of extra than 2 thousand km / h will try to plan in a very rarefied atmosphere, and then throw the parachutes, and just before the turn on the reverse surface of the turbine.
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Earth survive a quadrillion people

The British Royal Society recently announced that it would scale study devoted to the growth of population and its impact on the socio-economic development of the world in the coming decades. Led the study British biologist, Nobel laureate Sir John E. Sulston. His group will include experts from Brazil, China and the U.S.. Thus serious study of scientists decided to put an end to empty disputes: whether the world faces overpopulation, and if threatened, then what?
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