On the Sun there are no spots

Something strange is happening on the Sun – 3 June sunspot number dropped to zero, and the solar disk remains empty for three days. NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory does not detect any significant dark nuclei. What does it mean? Solar cycle, like a pendulum, swinging back and forth between periods of high and low sunspot… Read more On the Sun there are no spots

Discovery sister Sun

The University of Texas found the star HD 162826. Cosmic body, located 110 light-years away, 15 times more than our Sun, and formed in the same star cluster, as our star. This discovery promises to help scientists better understand how, where and when our solar system was formed, and, quite possibly, will guide us on… Read more Discovery sister Sun

Absolutely black sun

The second principle of thermodynamics orthogonality given in the form of the absolute prohibition of obtaining energy from the colder body. It turns out that the body, as it knows  who warming, and from whom warmed . However, no mystery there is not. After all, the colder body gives radiation, and this radiation is absorbed… Read more Absolutely black sun

Sun a powerful flare directed towards Earth

Satellites tracking solar activity recorded a powerful outburst on the Sun. Plasma cloud directed towards the earth. Officials monitoring of this outbreak is not reported, but that would assess the strength of emission, just look at the photos received from the STEREO satellites. 

Explosions in the Sun

Sun – the only star of the solar system, the yellow dwarf, our daylight. It was around the turn other objects, the planets and their moons, asteroids, meteorites, comets and cosmic dust. And what happens to our luminary has an impact on the entire solar system.  The usual frantic shining It seemed that there were… Read more Explosions in the Sun