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The Atacama found ancient structures

AtacamaIn one of the most barren deserts on Earth – the Atacama Desertin Chile discovered ancient buildings. The first discovery of the said 79-year-old Holly Ahlberg, noticed an unusual structure with the help of maps Google Earth, reports Popular Archaeology. With the help of this service is not the first time made similar discoveries. So with the help of Google Earth have previously been found in the tombs of ancient Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

About the strange structures in the Atacama Desert, perhaps no one except the ones Holly Ahlberg would have known if it had not announced the opening of an archaeologist Lloyd Pi, who learned of the discovery, he decided to equip a small expedition. It consisted of a few people, including a specialist in unmanned vehicles. Read the rest of this entry »

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World oldest wooden structures in Germany

wooden structuresThe world oldest wooden buildings in the world were discovered by German archaeologists from the University of Freiburg. The excavations near Leipzig, Saxony, were found wooden oak represent wells, the oldest in Europe. Researchers believe that the wells were constructed in the period from 5206 – 5098’s. BC
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Pyramids near Samara natural or man-made?

Mysterious structuresMysterious structures found near the village of Smolkin in Syzran area. These pyramids built 5,000 years ago, the ancient Russia-Aryan civilization, said Samara writer and local historian Yevgeny Bazhanov. Civilization existed thousands of years in what is now the Samara region.

Pyramid of the ancient peoples has always been a cult symbol. This means a ray of the sun, the ancient symbol of the god Horos. It is possible that under the influence of the Egyptians built the pyramids Samara its grand buildings – says the writer.
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