Mysterious moose shaped structure discovered

Mysterious mooseA huge  in the shape of a moose or deer discovered in Russia may predate the famous Nazca lines of Peru for thousands of years.

The stone structure in animal form, located near Naturalization the Ural Mountains, in northern Kazakhstan, has an elongated snout, four legs and two horns. A historical image from Google Earth satellite 2007 shows what can be a line, but this is less clear in the most recent images.

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The unexplained mineral structure in the center east

The pilots of the Royal Air Force flew the route from Cairoto Baghdad. In their flight they saw something strange in the lava fields of Syria, eastern Jordan and Saudi Arabia. Scattered over the landscape desolate, barren desert, hundreds of miles from anywhere else, there were thousands and thousands of elaborate stone wheels, which precise up to 70 meters wide and it was only possible to see them beginning the sky.

Lt. Percy Maitl and was the first to document the extinction of the mysterious structures in an article available in 1927 for the journal Antiquity 1970s when Dr. David Kennedy, now a professor of ancient history at the University of Western Australia began studying old photographs of Jordan. Continue reading “The unexplained mineral structure in the center east”

Structure? Mysterious or dimensional gateway?

In China, a Modernist building, futuristic appearance known as the “Ring of Life” has been the target of conspiracy theories created a  great controversy in social media. Many people wonder which actually hides the mysterious building, while others claim that it is a kind of portal or travel to perform. According to conspiracy theorists, the Chinese government is using the technique classical elitist “the best way to hide something is to put it in unadorned display.” as well a number of public assert that bone china has be building many buildings and trade buildings in cities mysterious “ghost”. What in actuality hides the “Ring of Life”? Continue reading “Structure? Mysterious or dimensional gateway?”

Ancient megalithic structures

ancient structureThe mysterious discovery, researchers stumbled near one of the most popular tourist spots of the South Urals. The design of multi-ton stones found near the Alexander hills, held every summer thousands of tourists. Nobody noticed unusual. Speleological Vladimir Jurin came across seidh in 2009. But until now, the information on it did not go beyond the narrow circle of researchers. 

Almost no one knows, but in the vicinity of the city found an interesting landmark, – he says. – This ancient megalithic structures – seidh. It is a large boulder placed on small stones stand. How many times I was on the hill, and was not paying attention! Recently decided to show it to the guys from the group “Youth for Sober Chrysostom.” Despite the mud, went and took the first pictures of finds.

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