Strangest of places where people live person

amazing placesAn amazing creature it can survive in the harshest conditions. But some people manage to not only survive, but to live for years in a very unusual places. Hanging monasteries , caves , bridges , houses made of stone … In this issue you will find dozens of unusual places where you have lived or are living lyudi.

1 . Al- Hajar , city wall was built on top of a cliff in the mountains of western Yemen, Sana’a province . The history of this place is so old that even the local residents do not know when here came the first poselentsy. Continue reading “Strangest of places where people live person”

14th strangest nature phenomena

 phenomena14 most of the strangest nature phenomena as under
1. Bioluminescent “red wave”
Under certain conditions, phytoplankton begins to multiply in the ocean with a crazy speed, forming beneath the surface layer of dense algal blooms – so-called “red tide.” Day it does not look particularly attractive, but at night on some beaches where usual bioluminescent species Noctiluca scintillans, «red wave” seems to be something just did otherworldly.
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The world most strangest weather

weatheWeather disturbancesby the cause of Global warming are the less fascinating. Some are more explicable than others, but all are witness to the often breathtaking nature. Here are the ten strangest weather events that show what happens when nature wants to amaze us with his power.

10. St. Elmo’s Fire. Throughout history, countless sailors have claimed to witness the emergence of these glowing tongues of fire that “danced” on the masts and rigging ends of the vessels in some severe storms. These balls of light, known as St. Elmo’s Fire, there are nothing but electric shocks that occur during these storms and have targeted the higher objects of a boat.
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