Found strange insects In Brazil

insectsInternational group of Japanese, Swiss and Brazilian biologists discovered in caves on the states of Minas Gerais, Brazil, Tocantins and Bahia four previously unknown species of winged insects the size of a flea, with a fairly unusual views on sexual life.

These insects belong to a large group senoedov. Creatures new kind Neotrogla, as it turned out, literally switched roles: the female has a penis, and males – vagina. Continue reading “Found strange insects In Brazil”

Strange skull aliens?

aliens skullAlien pilot, crashed on Earth in prehistoric times, the unfortunate time traveler or a visitor from a parallel universe? And maybe it is representative of an extinct species, hybrid or mutant? It is hardly possible to say exactly what the silendsky skull, but one thing we can be sure: it certainly will change the way we look at many things. Despite the fact that the skull was found in 2007 in the Danish Olstikke village on the island of Sealand, the find was virtually unknown until 2010. Researchers from the Higher School of Veterinary Copenhagen, studied the skull in 2008, came to the conclusion that he must have belonged to a mammal. On the other hand, they also noted that some of its characteristics make it impossible to determine its place in the Linnaean system of classification. Continue reading “Strange skull aliens?”

A strange substance found on the banks of the Kama River in Udmurtia

 RiverIn the Udmurt republic on the banks of the Kama River fishermen discovered the strange green spots, this time near the village Minnows surfaced fish – pike and sturgeon. It may have a blue-green algae, or, as they say, cyan bacteria that decomposition is quite detrimental impact on invertebrates, including fish. Upon decomposition, releasing substances that can affect the life of fish and animals. Vesti Head of the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of the municipality Zavyalovsky area Alexander Kuhlevsky. According to him, the matter could go to Kama after stuffing water Votkinsk plant. Continue reading “A strange substance found on the banks of the Kama River in Udmurtia”

The strange planet is like a huge UFO

planetThe beginning of October saw in the sky a strange glowing object, located at the stars, but it is much more than them, and no one knows what it is.

Residents describe the object is not the horizon, like a big, glowing object with four rotating around an object with lights. The lights change color, blinking red, green, yellow and pink light.

Witnesses say that the size of the object is much larger than the planet, but it’s definitely not the moon or other planets are known in this area sky.
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The era of dinosaurs discovered pyramid with a mummy strange creature

dinosaursUnder this earth is a giant pyramid, the length of the platform which is 72 meters

Scientist Vitaly Goh, testing an alternative method of finding water, stumbled across an amazing natural object in the ground.

His instruments showed that the underground buried giant pyramid, the length of the platform which reaches 72 meters, according to ICTV.
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NASA again garbles on the outbreak and a strange glow in the sky in southern Russia

the skyLost count of the summer, watching the glow on either side of the Sun. Option – the halo, but the structure, size does not fit. No circular glow. The pattern of occurrence can be traced with solar flares. Major outbreaks. NASA on major outbreaks were reported, but a flash – and there was a release sent to the Earth.

Halo usually appears around the sun, and they are caused by ice crystals in cirrus clouds at a height of 5-10 km in the upper troposphere. View of the observed halo depends on the shape and arrangement of crystals.
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Strange sword Hrabovo

swordPoland town of Hrabovo that only a few kilometers from the city of Kielce. Here, in the early 21st century. during the mining of limestone workers discovered a mysterious metallic object.

When the discovery carefully cleaned and inspected from the ground, it became clear that this well-preserved iron sword. He was produced in about 400 BC A great weapon, a rare find.

But archaeologists interested in the least the age of the blade. More problems caused the mysterious iron ornament on the handle of the sword. Strange notches, lines, circles, ovals. It is very unusual inlay.
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Strange stone with the imprint of a strange strange hands

handStrange stone with the imprint of a strange strange hands yesterday found in the sediments where there are pieces of petrified wood.

An interesting stone on which bulged in his imprint, like a hand print, and where the index finger is wider and deeper in the hole piercing passes through the stone.

At the very least like a hand print, and maybe it’s just a freak of nature, I do not know, but it looks interesting.
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Strange circles exposed on Mars

StrangeGraduates who were engaged in that would be like most of us have dealt with images of high expansion, taken with HiRISE, Mars Reconnaissance satellites discovered strange curly spirals on the surface of Mars.
These elements are seen on Earth, but now they were first discovered on Mars. Elements on Mars, called lava rings are larger. “On Mars the size of the largest ring in the width of 30 meters – said Andrew Ryan, of Arizona State University. The size of the ring more than any lava on Earth. ” Continue reading “Strange circles exposed on Mars”

Sun found a very strange spot

 spotThe surface of the sun new and interesting structures found a very strange spot. This became possible after the data analysis of two working in near-Earth space missions NASA – STEREO (Solar Terrestrial Relations Observatory) and SDO (Solar Dynamics Observatory). The researchers called these newly discovered structural formation of coronal plasma cells.

Is it easy to make a discovery relating to the Sun? After all it is – our nearest star, followed by many generations, improving methods of observation. What has not been found in the Sun – and helium, and flash, and the movement of spots, and radio emission, and solar cosmic rays … Total not count!

So, today there are quite a lot of discoveries related to our star, and they all belong to the plasma environment, inexhaustible in its variety. But now scientists have found something new and original – so let us tell you about it.
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