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Mao. The Unknown Story

“Mao possessed a terrible weapon, the ruthlessness. In 1948 he moved to the city of Changchun in Manchuria, and when the direct assault to conquer it failed, he was given the order to force her to surrender by starvation. On 30 May, the field commander Lin Biao said, word for word: Turn Changchun in a city of death.

There is a wave of curiosity by the Western world, to China; to the fore in all the newspapers for what it is a new great leap forward in the economy, a plethora of cultural activities, an export of goods and ideas.
It is not a coincidence that, forty years after the death of Mao Tse-tung, have been published more or less simultaneously three books around the figure of the Great Helmsman, the biography of the American Philip Short Mao. Read the rest of this entry »

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The story of the king who wanted to be a god and king of the gods

KingMiracle was unbridled vanity Commagene king – Antiochus. The young king’s maternal line was a descendant of Alexander the Great, and on my father’s side came from the Persians, belonged to a noble Achaemenid dynasty.

The king was very young and very proud. He sincerely believed himself a man of quite exceptional, uniting in his person, and Darius, and Alexander, and therefore born for great things, and even immortality.
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Japanese scientists pave the way to eternal life: Found secret of aging

eternal lifeJapan, which already leads the world in life expectancy, now has another tool to consolidate its leadership position. The country’s scientists say they have discovered a protein responsible for aging and have learned to control it. A group of scientists from Osaka University have discovered that a component of human complement system is directly responsible for aging, citing the Japanese media the Russian ITAR-TASS. C1q protein, researchers say, is to blame for human cells become old.The immune system, the complement system help or “complements” the body in cleansing germs. C1q protein was earlier thought to be merely an element in the system.
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