How to born storms and lightning

storms and lightningScientists are looking for an explanation of this mysterious process as the formation of lightning. Most experts are concerned about how initially neutral particles insulators have a powerful charge. His generation in clouds of sand or dust studied by scientists from the Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, Switzerland and Rutgers University, USA. 

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Thunder storms universal discharge

LightingThe scientists Alexander Gurevich and Anatoly Karashtin found new experimental confirmation of the theory that the cause of lightning is cosmic rays – high-energy charged particles from outer space. The article appeared in the scientific journal Physical Review Letters.

The process of a lightning discharge is quite complex and it is not known what causes lightning itself. It is believed that the occurrence of a discharge between clouds and the ground, you must have a large potential difference. When this is achieved, breakdown occurs. In reality, however, observed in the clouds potentials on the order of less than needed for the breakdown.

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Ocean of Storms on the Moon was a giant asteroid trail

OceanLunar SeaOcean of Storms on the near side of the Moon – was followed by a giant asteroid on the surface of the Earth’s natural satellite, the Japanese say planetary scientists in a paper published in the journal Nature Geoscience.

For the person who is watching the moon with the naked eye, the moon is made of dark and light spots. The dark spots are flat lowlands, which are astronomical tradition called seas, bays, lakes, swamps and oceans.
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The arrival of Solar Storms

Solar ,StormsThe energy body is both envelops the physical body and penetrates it. Some call it the arthritic body double. Or spiritual twin. The body of the spacecraft with properties similar to that in some traditions (Taoism) is called the body “Chi” and panic or arthritic body, some yogi traditions. By its nature, the body of the spacecraft can attract to yourself and then pass the physical body is very favorable energy to accelerate the spiritual evolution of man. As we indicated in an earlier message, you have entered at some time during the period of high solar activity.

You are now entering a period of more intense solar and galactic activity at which the Earth’s magnetosphere is subjected to random shocks, and the ever-increasing flow of solar power.
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The star Arcturus harbinger of storms

harbinger,stormsArcturus – the brightest star, its distance 36 light years, the luminosity is 115 times higher than solar. In view of the fact that this very bright star for six months looming in front of my balcony I can accurately say that it became brighter and increased in size. In addition, its behavior in the starry sky and the location, just causes confusion in the ranks of astronomy. Neither Sirius nor Venus do not correspond to all the parameters of this star. I’m not an astronomer, but there are maps of the sky in search of an answer, I had studied them. Benefit review of the balcony on my horizon to horizon, and the constellations are clearly visible.
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