Four incredible stories about buried alive

DunbarIn the 18-19 centuries when medicine has not yet reached the level to accurately determine a person dead or alive, many people panic feared to be buried alive. 2299486243a Those who sought to protect themselves and get rid of fear to go into another world by mistake, it was impossible to deny the ingenuity.

For example, a doctor, medical historian and author of Buried Jan Bondeson leads a dozen examples of a variety of measures and rituals that allow ozhivshemu dead man declare his miraculous resurrection, including the safe coffins with flags and bells announcing the underground movement. Continue reading “Four incredible stories about buried alive”

The Most Fascinating Stories of a Lifetime

LifetimeSomewhat different from the rest. It tells a story, a story about and from people. It’s their story. Their moments of joy and wander all shared with us. I hope it inspires you to do whatever is necessary to get where you want to be. Make sure you do it the right way with keeping your integrity in mind. The world has changed into a cynical place during the last decade but still its beauty is beyond imagination.

Let’s make the best of it. Read and be inspired by these fascinating personal stories. Continue reading “The Most Fascinating Stories of a Lifetime”

2012 Most Inspirational Stories

Ugliest WomanWorld’s Ugliest Woman (Lizzie Velasquez) was born with a medical condition so rare that just two other people in the world are thought to have it. She weighs just 60 pounds and has no adipose tissue, and cannot create muscle, store energy, or gain weight.
She inspired women the world over earlier this year when, during an interview with CNN, she said that people “should stop staring and start learning.” Continue reading “2012 Most Inspirational Stories”

Mysterious stories with ghosts

ghostsGhosts is not only blurred white silhouettes whose photos often published as evidence of the afterlife. They may look like the projection of the face of the deceased and the “show” in the most unexpected places. Thus, British Andrea Samuels says that the image of her late husband regularly appears on the wall in the bedroom.

According to 41-year-old woman, the ghost began to haunt her, four years after the death of a spouse. However, this was preceded by a variety of events. First, in the house of Andrea Carlisle wound poltergeist.
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