Living Stones among us

The surrounding nature life glimmers in all including the Earth itself, the other planets in the Solar System and the Sun, as well as distant stars and planets in the universe, including the movement of the stones in the space of the cosmos. Therefore, as I see it, the most common everywhere and all life… Read more Living Stones among us

Stones and charms

Stones and amulets course, the naturalists of the time the stories of telepathic communication between the stones, which by their physical nature – crystals, not taken seriously, although reports of this kind have been known since ancient times. For example, the story of a mysterious magician and alchemist in XIII. Albert the Great tells the… Read more Stones and charms

The stones of Carnac

Everyone knows about Stonehenge, but few know the Carnac Stones. It is 3,000 megalithic stones arranged in perfect lines over a distance of 12 kilometers off the coast of Brittany in the North-West of France. The mythology surrounding the stones says that each stone is a soldier in a Roman legion that Merlin the Magician… Read more The stones of Carnac