The builders of Stonehenge used bearings

builders of StonehengeArchaeologists have found quite a plausible explanation of how the ancients could move giant slabs for the construction of Stonehenge. Obviously, this had to make a number of assumptions, in particular, suggests that for five thousand years ago, people were smart enough to bearings – reports Daily Mail .

The idea of a ball-bearing system came to a scientist in Aberdeenshire,Scotland, which found another henge. Continue reading “The builders of Stonehenge used bearings”

Bulgarian Stonehenge

StonehengeNear the village Ohoden that is located near the Bulgarian town of Vratsa, in the course of archaeological excavations have found building, which presumably is the Temple of the Sun, and was used by ancient creators for astronomical observations.

Of the researchers report it is clear that the age structure is determined by about 8,000 years. That is, this temple is about 3000 years older than the world-famous Stonehenge.

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Scenario number 6 End of the solar system

solarIcy planets in the solar system will be flying in the darkness around the white dwarf Sun. A terrible expansion, which will occur with the Sun in the red giant stage, the curtain fell on the stage of earthly life. But it will not be the last act of his existence. In this state, the sun will be another billion years. It will be powered by helium, and then start to burn the other – more serious – the elements located at a greater depth in the core of stars, the devouring layer by layer, decreasing as the bulb. When his turn comes to iron, the process of nuclear fusion, releasing energy to stop. However, the transformation of elements in the stellar interior will continue, and very active, but now it will happen to energy absorption. Continue reading “Scenario number 6 End of the solar system”

Who Built The Stonehenge?

The Stonehenge – an ancient complex of monolithic blocks of stone in Britain – was built by the settlers from continental Europe.
Such an assumption made by British archaeologist, found near the burial of a unique historical monument, made about 2300 BC – during the construction of Stonehenge.
Scientists found the skeleton of a man who, judging by the results of analysis of his teeth, as well as found in the grave subjects, the son of the territory of modern Switzerland, southern Germany and western Austria.
According to archaeologists, the remains of supposedly owned archer, as in the burial found numerous flint arrowheads. Continue reading “Who Built The Stonehenge?”