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The power of weapons of the Stone Age

StoneScientist decided to experimentally verify the advantages of copies with a stone tip that human ancestors began to use about half a million years ago.

Equipment wooden copies of stone-tipped cost is very expensive: it is much harder to produce weapons, tips often break down and need replacement, finally, because of the fragility of the stone beast so spear need to prick several times, risking their lives. Read the rest of this entry »

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Empire and the Barbarians

EmpireThe valley of Mesopotamia stretched Arabian sun-scorched steppe, and to the north – the mountains of Iran. In the steppes and the mountains were not to sow grain, so there is always reigned famine, and the shepherds who lived there kept the harsh customs of the ancient hunters. They were just as tough, aggressive, and just as accustomed to war as the hunters of the Stone Age. Driven by hunger, often pastoral tribes invaded Mesopotamia, sometimes capturing a city, sometimes settled on vacant land. The tribes of Arabia were Semites, the ancestors of the Jews and Arabs lived on the Iranian plateau, cruel and warlike tribe, “not knowing of the divine laws.”
While the inhabitants of the mountains and steppes from one generation to pass harsh selection for endurance, accustomed to eat raw meat and drink the blood of fallen enemies, farmers from the Golden Age of militancy and lost almost forgotten how to kill. Read the rest of this entry »

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