Retired kindled from stone found

Retired kindled Sixty seven year old retiree from Germany, whose name was not called, walking all along the coast of the Baltic Sea, create at the water’s edge yellow stone. Deciding that it is amber, the man put it in his pocket and went on his way.

Suddenly kindled stone. It turned out that the Germans got a piece of phosphorus during the Second World, reports The Local . Continue reading “Retired kindled from stone found”

Stone spearheads age 280,000 years old found in Africa

spearheads ageStone spearheads age 280,000 years old found in Africa. Spearheads – corny, you may say, but the entire affair is that a sensible person, appeared only after 85,000 years! It is the oldest known stone spearheads and they come first all of the known human fossils at 85,000 years.

This can make a sensible person much older than previously thought, according to scientists. Investigate archaeological work was carried out by Ethiopia to the Stone Age layers known as Gademotta. Continue reading “Stone spearheads age 280,000 years old found in Africa”

Mysteries of paranormal-Animals in stone

stone animalThere are several documentary where frogs, toads and other small animals found in solid rock alive. The strange thing is that people are not only animals found in natural formations such as stone or wood , but also artificial . In 1976, the Texas workers found in the concrete living green turtle , it was in the air bag , which was in the form of this little reptile. Continue reading “Mysteries of paranormal-Animals in stone”

Stone wonders of the Valley of Ghosts

StoneSecrets of the Stone Wonders Valley of Ghosts Demerji opened Nicholas Blaga, assistant professor of geography and morphology of the Tauride National University. Many tourists believe that the stone pillars that are in the Valley of Ghosts, appeared in the process of weathering, as this is constantly reported in the regional literature.

Scientists claim that the stone buildings appeared in the tectonic fractures. Nicholas Blaga within 4 years of conducting research in this zone, and the specialist said that the stone pillars were lined up clear parallel lines, like walls. Under the influence of climatic processes tectonic fissures deepened and expanded. Continue reading “Stone wonders of the Valley of Ghosts”

The largest Mayan pyramid destroyed for the production of crushed stone

Mayan pyramidIn Belize, for the production of crushed stone destroyed the largest Mayan pyramid.  On the destruction of the pyramid age of 2300 years it became known in early May.


The pyramid was in private ownership, but the laws of Belize taken under the protection of all the buildings that were built before the arrival of the Spaniards.

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Stone house in the Fafe Mountains

house of stoneHouse of Stone and it is situated in the Fafe Mountains of Northern Portugal. It is ten kilometers north-east of Fafe and can be found on Google earth at these co-ordinates: 41° 29′ 17.52″ N 8° 4′ 4.84″ W. It was originally built as a mountain retreat around 1974 by an engineer from nearby who was inspired by the natural space provided by four large boulders. Due to its isolation it has on occasions been the target of vandalism and robbery. Continue reading “Stone house in the Fafe Mountains”

Mysterious stone spheres Moeraki Boulders

stoneThe town of Palmerstoun and Hampden is a place Moeraki – the most famous in the south-east coast of the South Island, Moeraki Boulders (Moeraki Boulders) – a real natural phenomenon. New Zealand has everything, even the traces of their fleet inoplanetyan.Tsely landed on the beaches of the Pacific Ocean in New Zealand.

And there they left their tracks – Moeraki Boulders, capsules, in which aliens come to Earth. What’s happened, and what happened to the aliens themselves – have died from terrestrial viruses, blood-thirsty islanders were eaten or just suffered a crash here, thrown when no longer ships and flew back home on the other – is not known. But the remains of their starships and can now be seen in the tidal waves.

Mars Rover Curiosity set his sights on an unusual stone pyramidal form

Rover Curiosity chose for his first goal of the manipulator is a stone the size of a soccer ball and having the shape of a pyramid. Stone has about 25 cm in height and 40 cm in width. The machine is approximately 2.5 m from Boulder and somewhere midway on the helideck named Bradbury to the terrain called Glenelg. In the coming days, operators will give the command to touch the stone spectrometer and do close-up photography.

Cobblestone was named in honor of Jake Mateevika, responsible for operations on the surface in the Mars Science Laboratory, the brainchild of which became a Curiosity. The researcher died on 20 August, at the age of 64 years. Mateevik serviced by all previous Mars Rover: NASA‘S Sojourner, Spirit and Opportunity. Continue reading “Mars Rover Curiosity set his sights on an unusual stone pyramidal form”

Secret transportation of the stone giants of Easter Island

secret transportationThe U.S. Scientists during the experiment found the ancient inhabitants of Easter Island moved the giant stone statues.

A team of scientists led by professor of anthropology and archeology, Terry Hunt and Carl Lipo able to concretely demonstrate how the giant monolithic stone statues, glorified the island in the world, transported from the mines in which they were made, the sacred places on the island, where they were placed in groups of seven or eight idols. This is not about aliens or intervention on the transportation of the statues on the trunks of trees in a horizontal position.
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Strange stone with the imprint of a strange strange hands

handStrange stone with the imprint of a strange strange hands yesterday found in the sediments where there are pieces of petrified wood.

An interesting stone on which bulged in his imprint, like a hand print, and where the index finger is wider and deeper in the hole piercing passes through the stone.

At the very least like a hand print, and maybe it’s just a freak of nature, I do not know, but it looks interesting.
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