Star is ready to explode

 Star explodeFloating in the center of this new Hubble image object, this image SBW1, which nebula with a giant star in the center. Star twenty times more massive than our Sun, and now lies in a swirling purple ring gas.

But the star is not just a star, scientists say that it is destined to become a supernova! 26 years ago, another star with a striking resemblance to become a supernova – SN 1987A. Early photographs of the stars Hubble SN 1987A showed a striking resemblance to SBW1. Continue reading “Star is ready to explode”

Astronomers discovered the largest known population of globular star clusters

StartNASA Hubble discovered the largest of all the currently known population of globular star clusters, containing about 160,000 stars orbiting around the center of Abell 1689 galaxy cluster in the constellation Virgo. An international team of researchers used the camera Advanced Camera for Surveys telescope Hubble for a detailed study detected a population that is characterized by an unprecedented density. Scientists suggest that such a compact location of stars in the star cluster may indicate the presence of a huge amount of dark matter. According to Karla Alamo-Martinez of the Center for Radio Astronomy and Astrophysics, functioning at the National Autonomous University of Mexico, in the course of the research he and his colleagues were able to identify the relationship between the globular clusters and dark matter, that is, as the distance from the center of the galactic star cluster affects amount of dark matter. Continue reading “Astronomers discovered the largest known population of globular star clusters”

The Mysteries History of Star Chariot

History of Star ChariotEgyptian village name Sakara -Here is the Step Pyramid of Pharaoh Djoser. Her age of 4,000 years. She is the oldest of 97 Egyptian pyramids. Sakara is also renowned for its ancient necropolis, which was called the “City of the Dead.” In 1897 he found the tomb of the great men here, who lived in the 3rd century BC Among many things, the archaeologists found a wooden figure, a figure resembling a bird. Since it was papyrus, which was marked “I want to fly.”

Star wound Earth

EarthGeological history has been marked by a relatively short but extremely powerful disaster. Paleontologists have found that 247, 220 and 65 million years ago the planet killed almost all life. It is interesting to note that the disaster fell upon the earth at regular intervals of about 26-28 million years. Between stone showers – 28 million years in 1980, in the depths of the mountains of Gubbio (Italy), where the overlying rocks era dinosaurs, U.S. scientists has been found increased concentrations of iridium. Continue reading “Star wound Earth”

Wandering star changed the slope of the planet

StarPlanet Scientist always cared for one thing- why the Earth’s orbit is inclined at 7 degrees to the equator of the sun?. Now a new theory suggests that perhaps a wandering young star passed close to Earth and forced to change the tilt of the planet..

Constantine Bat gin of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics in Cambridge, Massachusetts, suggests that during the formation of the solar system, “stray” star influenced not only on Earth, but on all the other planets of the system, which is why the orbits of all the planets in our system are at an angle to the equator of the Sun..
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Announced amazing shot nebula “Helmet Thor” and the stars of Wolf – Rayet

Italian astro photographer showed us amazingly successful new image of the nebula “Helmet Thor” stars, related to a class of Wolf – Rayet stars. Emission nebula “Helmet Thor” and is known under two other symbols: NGC 2359 and LBN 1041. It was opened by the famous English astronomer William Herschel, German-born (William Herschel) in winter, January 31, 1785.

Nebula “Thor Helmet” is located at a distance of 15,000 light-years from Earth in the southern constellation of the “Big Dog”. Across this emission nebula is about 30 light-years. The title of this nebula is consistent with its form: the nebula looks like a mythical hero helmet. Continue reading “Announced amazing shot nebula “Helmet Thor” and the stars of Wolf – Rayet”

The star Arcturus harbinger of storms

harbinger,stormsArcturus – the brightest star, its distance 36 light years, the luminosity is 115 times higher than solar. In view of the fact that this very bright star for six months looming in front of my balcony I can accurately say that it became brighter and increased in size. In addition, its behavior in the starry sky and the location, just causes confusion in the ranks of astronomy. Neither Sirius nor Venus do not correspond to all the parameters of this star. I’m not an astronomer, but there are maps of the sky in search of an answer, I had studied them. Benefit review of the balcony on my horizon to horizon, and the constellations are clearly visible.
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Dark Star kills all life on Earth?

Dark, StarAmerican physicists Adrian Melot and Richard Bambi decided to reconstruct some parameters for a possible orbital nemesis – the hypothetical dark star orbiting the Sun. The purpose of Experts – to understand whether it affects the periodic extinction of species on Earth.

In XX century, some astronomers, studying the heavenly bodies of the main sequence, found that among them is dominated by binary stars. Scientists have therefore suggested that the Sun, as a typical star, must also apply to the components of the binary system. This is how the theory of the existence of Nemesis – hypothetical satellite of the sun, invisible from the Earth.
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