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Sensational discovery in a crypt underSt. Petersburg

St. PetersburgAbout 250 years old declared wanted by Russian forensic scientists. The Lady X, as it is dubbed, wore during his lifetime … precious jaw, which is a brand Faberge! And while scientists are looking for at least some information about her, her neighbors in the tomb could be identified. The experts made a genetic examination of one of the darlings of Alexander II, Prince Peter Demidov, his wife – the former maid of honor of the Empress, and their children. What are the secrets uncovered remains found recently in one of the ruined temples nearSt. Petersburg- found out “MK”.

The history of this investigation began with archaeological excavations. At 30 km from St. Peters burg, in the village of Thai people is of great beauty ancient church, built in the name of the Holy Prince Alexander Nevsky. Read the rest of this entry »

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The magic of love, of St. Petersburg…

magic citySaint Petersburg was a vision come factual one great man – The magic of love one of Peter, built by the works of thousands of peasants and convicts.
In 1703 there were swamps. And just a few decades of the marshes rose the beautiful city that we see today. This grand plan was implemented with unprecedented ferocity.
The city is built up with magnificent palaces and public buildings. New avenues were supposed to show the world is no longer a backward edge, and a great European power.
Arch with bas-reliefs of military trophies, masks, soldiers and other classic details. Read the rest of this entry »

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