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St.Peter the Roman Vatican

VaticanThe news spread through the whole world, that the supreme ruler of the Holy See of the Catholic Church, Pope Benedict XVI announced his resignation from the post. Unusual statement bombshell in the media, because it is the first such case in the last 600 years.

Cases of denial of the post pontiff historians were known before. In 1294 resigned as Pope Celestine V, who preferred the high status of the Pope lives a simple hermit. However, his successor, Boniface VIII did not approve of such an act and imprisoned in the fortress of the previous pope. Read the rest of this entry »

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The last Vatican pope before the end of the world

PopeFrancis Pope will be the last principal of Vatican during the reign of which appeared in the sky is a different sun, and then comes the death of the Vatican and the end of the world. This is stated in the prophecy of the famous French astrologer and Prophet Nostradamus.

The symbol of the exterior of a second sun could come true this year. Comet S/2012 S1, which is also called ISON, will be seen on Earth since November 2013 to mid-January 2014. But in November, it will reach its perihelion and happen to extremely bright.
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