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Learning How to Become More Spiritual in Your Everyday Life

More Spiritual in Your Everyday LifeIf you’re hoping to be more spiritual in your everyday life you’ll likely find it is very much a possibility if you are able to take the right steps to achieving it. It is likely to bring more joy into your life, enable you to think a far-sight clearer, and feel better overall. Basically, spirituality has limited involvement in organized chanting, prayers, or religion. It is essentially more related towards the state of mind and lifestyle. If you’re looking to become less stressful and live a more relaxed lifestyle, you might want to look at becoming more spiritual.  Read the rest of this entry »

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Phoenix symbol of spiritual victory and achievement

BirdClement, one of the fathers of the church pre-Nicene period, describes B1 century after the birth of Christ, the nature and habits of the Phoenix as follows: “There is a bird called the phoenix. She is the only one of its kind, and she lives five hundred years.

And when it comes time to die, it builds itself a nest of myrrh and other aromatic materials, sit in it and die. But as a result of its expansion turns a worm, which when fed juice of the dead bird, acquires feathers.
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Spiritual evolution

evolutionThe human species and leading to an evolutionary leap. For thousands of years different cultures around the world have been attributed to the sun a special role. It is remarkable how he was revered by some civilizations that reached high levels of cultural development in the past, like the Egyptian, where he was revered as a god (Ra and Aton), or maya, that deified him with the name of Kinich Ahau, or the Inca worshiped him as Inti.

All these people were in the sun more than a celestial object. For them it was the very divinity manifested to men. For this reason was the object of worship. One might think that this spiritual identification with a giant-sized fireball was a superstition born of scientific ignorance.
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