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Spacecraft Venus Express is watching the storm on Venus

At the beginVenusning of 2015 thanks to the European spacecraft Venus Express the researchers got new pictures and videos of the storm raging on Venus – the second planet from our sun.

This storm was raging at the South Pole incandescent solid planet. And he was captured by an infrared spectrometer spectral Infrared Thermal Imaging Spectrometer.

Such storms occur periodically on Venus at an altitude of about 70 kilometers above the planet’s surface. They may reach speeds of 400 km / h. Read the rest of this entry »

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Spacecraft crash onto moon

spacecraft moonNasa spacecraft has tumbled out of orbit around the moon and crashed into the surface, ending a mission that had peered into the lunar interior.Engineers commanded the twin spacecraft, Ebb and Flow, to fire their engines and burn their remaining fuel. Ebb plunged first, slamming into a mountain near the moon’s north pole. Its twin, Flow, followed about a half minute later and aimed for the same target.

By design, the final resting place was far away from the Apollo landing sites and other historical spots on the moon.
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