In space, found a year long 17 hours

Planet 55 Cancri e made a record time of revolution around the star – it was a year is 17 hours and 41 minutes.
Notes from the calculations of astronomers, who have characterized how fast the planet makes one rotation, until published in peer-reviewed journals. Short of Labour says New Scientist.
55 Cancri e is drawn around the star 55 Cancri A and belongs to the class Superzemel – its mass is 8.3 Earth masses. This planet was discovered on Aug. 30, 2004, and experts initially believed that it makes one revolution around the world in about three days. However, new calculations of astronomers have shown that year at 55 Cancri e is much shorter.
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Space world is much better than Star Wars and many times more beautiful than the destruction and chaos.

Space, worldThe universe and the cell of a living organism occur exactly the same process…

In fact, we have long think about this, and pursue a parallel between the structure of man and the universe … It’s a wonderful relationship, which is an indisputable fact! Universe and man in it – are united! It is much harder to make an analogy to the level of building material for cells and accessories for laptops.

The processes taking place in the universe, exactly the same as in a living organism.
The division of cells and the division of galaxies is essentially the same. If cell division, we can remove the video, then another space in the universe of time. And you can judge the processes in the universe on the basis of photographs taken by telescopes.
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Scientists calculated the invisible enemy space Earth

space, EarthNASA scientists could calculate the location and orbit of the invisible world, the existence of which scientists previously predicted.

Invisible neighbor in the solar system is a “brown dwarf”, which does not lend itself to visual observation. The planet is named on behalf of the Greek goddess of retribution Nemesis (Nemesis), wrote the publication The Sun, ITAR-TASS.

Nemesis, which is located on the edge of our system, the size is five times greater than Jupiter, and moves around the Sun, most likely by a concentric orbit.
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