The man – a space alien?

alienThe American scientists working on the program search for extraterrestrial intelligence could be described as sensational. The concern is that one of the closest star to Earth systems can be an exact copy of our solar system, only in the early stages of development. It is possible therefore that man once copied itself like creature which lived millions of years ago in the distant worlds. great Swedish chemist Svante Arrhenius – one of the first Nobel Prize winners – expressed at the end of the 1 century the idea of panspermia- Life on Earth could be Bring the excitement of space exploration. Official science of the twentieth century ignored this hypothesis, referring to the spontaneous generation of molecules of life on Earth. Continue reading “The man – a space alien?”

That hide the cemetery space

spaceThe next time you look up into the night sky, remember that you are looking at the cemetery. The Milky Way is littered with dead stars – from black holes and neutron stars to dim white dwarfs. Often these stellar corpses tell a little about his past. But sometimes they shed light on how they – and the planets that were close – lived and died. What does this say about the distant stars – even the Earth orbit is a dump dead space technology. March 17, 1958 The United States launched Vanguard I – the fourth satellite is created by man, and the first solar-powered – on a medium earth orbit. Continue reading “That hide the cemetery space”

Kirobo- the little Japanese robot spoke his first words in space

Japanese robotKirobo a small Japanese android sent to the International Space Station to keep company with his fellow astronaut, spoke the first words of a robot in space, reported Thursday its creators.

On August 21, 2013, a robot took a small step towards a better future for everyone,” said Kirobo in a sentence that reminds uttered by Neil Armstrong in 1969.

Hello everyone on Earth!’m Kirobo. The first robot astronaut speaking world. Much like” he added in Japanese. Continue reading “Kirobo- the little Japanese robot spoke his first words in space”

Ten Space facts with the words of the astronauts


spaceAlmost all the astronauts arriving in outer space experience, the so-called “space sickness.”  This discomfort due to the fact that the inner ear gets distorted signals.  Disease expressed headache and nausea.

2.  In zero gravity fluid in the body is moved upward, this causes nasal blockage.  Persons become somewhat puffy.  The bones lose calcium intensively.  Is slowing down the functioning of the intestine. Continue reading “Ten Space facts with the words of the astronauts”

Boltzmann Brains in outer space intelligence

 brainsSensational research scientists, the essence of which was to ensure that the universality is not a myth but a reality. The news went virtually unnoticed in the media, but in vain. After this discovery means that the well-established in the scientific community world view – came to an end. Moreover, physicists came to a stunning conclusion –  in vast expanses of space are innumerable sentient beings without bodies, who quietly float itself in deep space ! idea known as the “Boltzmann Brain“, was first proposed nearly 10 years ago. If we describe briefly the findings of scientists, the “Boltzmann Brains” is:  a fully formed randomly in space – the essence of possessing consciousness!

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Explosions in the Sun

Sun explosionsSun – the only star of the solar system, the yellow dwarf, our daylight. It was around the turn other objects, the planets and their moons, asteroids, meteorites, comets and cosmic dust. And what happens to our luminary has an impact on the entire solar system.

 The usual frantic shining

It seemed that there were no signs of the next cataclysm for yellow dwarf in one of the arms of the Milky Way. For several billion years in its core thermonuclear fire raged. Every second, stood out a monstrous energy, equal to the number of explosions difficult Computing  the most powerful thermonuclear bombs. The tremendous heat of the nuclear furnaces poured evenly dazzling radiance, supporting life on the third planet. It seemed that it always will be, and in front, especially against the background of short sparks of lives forever… Continue reading “Explosions in the Sun”

The coronal rain

SunSun can be very different from each other. Some may be in the form of a solar flare. More often dumped material from the solar corona. Others are related to the formation of complex structures of moving and changing magnetic field lines.

July 19, 2012 Solar Dynamics Observatory SDO captured the event, which included all three processes. First, the sun appeared moderately powerful solar flare. After that there was a coronal mass ejection into space. Continue reading “The coronal rain”

Iran launches monkey into space, showing missile progress

monkey into spaceIran said on Monday it had launched a live monkey into space, seeking to show off missile systems that have alarmed the west because the technology could potentially be used to deliver a nuclear warhead.

The defense ministry announced the launch as world powers sought to agree a date and venue with Iran for resuming talks to resolve a standoff with the west over Tehran’s contested nuclear program before it degenerates into a new Middle East war.
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End of the world from space does not threaten us

End of the EarthDecember 21, 2012 core of the planet to warm up to the point that crack the crust, rises a gigantic wave that will cover continents, will fall to Earth huge asteroid after us will face Nibiru, to conclude with the full parade of planets sun crosses the center of the galaxy, and there was complete end of the world … . If you believe everything they say about the coming apocalypse, the death of our planet can develop about in such a scenario.

In the mid-sixties, at a conference dedicated to the Mayan civilization, the American Professor Michael Coe had the imprudence to say that December 21, 2012 calendar ends the tribe, and thus may come to an end.
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On Mars-there are warm weather

Space MarsAirborne Meteorological Station REMS(Remote Environment Monitoring Station)shows that in the second half of the day the temperature is “air” is six degrees Celsius. But in general, the temperature above freezing kept more than half of the Martian day.

The first 360-degree panorama of the landing Curiosity.

Results are somewhat surprising, because in the Gale Crater, located 4,5 ˚ south of the equator, is still winter. That there is now Curiosity, sat down at the beginning of August.
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