Who guards the space?

guards of spaceFighting for space about aliens controlling. The sun and shoot down from orbit the moon to destroy humanity, neutron generators, which Russian and American scientists have brought to Mars, to work there for Martians neutron weapons.

How Stalin and Truman at Potsdam shared Moon between the USSR and the USA. It should be noted that this transmission channel OTP, has caused an angry reaction on the part of the Academy of Sciences. Continue reading “Who guards the space?”

Space can travel faster than light?

Space can travel Cosmologists in the shower time travelers. Looking back billions of years, these scientists are able to follow the evolution of our universe in amazing detail. 13.8 billion years ago, there was a Big Bang. After a fraction of a second the universe expanded exponentially – in a short period of time, called inflation.
During the following periods the space has grown to enormous size, we do not even see the edges. But how can this be possible? If the speed of light marks the cosmic speed limit as there may be regions of space-time, the photons which are beyond our reach? And if they exist, how do we know of their existence? This question is answered with Vanessa Janek Universe Today.
The Expanding Universe
Like everything else in physics, the universe tends to exist in the lowest energy state possible. But after 10 -36 seconds after the Big Bang, according to inflationary cosmology, space was in the false vacuum energy – the lowest point, which really was not the lowest. In search of the true nadir vacuum energy, a split second later, the universe inflated by a factor of 1050. Since the universe continues to expand, but at a slower rate. Continue reading “Space can travel faster than light?”

Scientists get ready to board a space probe to the comet

SpaceScientists Aerospace Centre in Cologne, as well as the Scientific steering center in Toulouse, France, as well as specialists Space Operations Centre of the European Space Agency are preparing for the unique event – tomorrow for the first time in the history of space probes from Earth to board a comet, which is located at a distance of 500 million miles away from our planet.

Now experts in the field of space research conducted last preparations. RT conducts live coverage of the research centers. Continue reading “Scientists get ready to board a space probe to the comet”

Obtained from mysterious space cipher

Voyager 2Voyager 2 space probe in 33 years of flight managed to reach very remote corners of the solar system. But on April 22, with the machine suddenly began to receive information in a strange encoding. Scientists are working hard to find the key and decrypt the data plan. The task is complicated by a great distance – information comes only after 13 hours.

Far probe Voyager 2 was launched from Earth August 20, 1977, two weeks later, his brother Voyager 1. Today, these devices are the most distant from Earth objects created by man: they are from us in the 13.8 and 16.9 billion kilometers, respectively. Continue reading “Obtained from mysterious space cipher”

NASA space telescopes have discovered Nibiru?

Discovered NibiruNASA researcher and the orbital telescope Spitzer discovered most of the known low-temperature brown dwarfs – dim star-like object, which surprisingly looks as frosty as the North Pole on Earth. By images from space telescopes can be quite accurately determine the distance from the Earth to the subject – 7.2 light years away, so he became the fourth nearest star system to our sun.

System is the nearest star, Alpha Centauri trio, to defend the Earth from about 4 light-years. Continue reading “NASA space telescopes have discovered Nibiru?”

How many people need to create colony in space?

Space colonyOne day, whether from curiosity, or out of necessity, or for both reasons at once, but the human species would have to leave the planet Earth and begin the journey to the stars. Before making this historic journey we will need to consider many factors.

Example, how quickly we can get to that planet, which we want to colonize, or how many people need to put on a spaceship that this possibility could really succeed? Continue reading “How many people need to create colony in space?”

Why three-dimensional space?

Three Dimension spaceThree-dimensional space because it is anthropomorphic. At Euclid it is isotropic. And in our sensations – anisotropic. Distinguishable mind: sky-earth, left-right, back and forth. The idea of three-dimensional space is generated in our minds corresponding asymmetry of our body, mind discernible. The idea of the extent of the mind consists of the evaluation of the capabilities of our Hand. If we were weightless balls, then would live without concepts of space.

Question of the dimension of space in mathematics justified, if the concept of dimension makes sense for objects – elements of the space. For those vectors it makes sense, so the vector space can always be identified. Should not be understood literally mathematical terms. Continue reading “Why three-dimensional space?”

Who will give us signals from space?

UFOsThe region Ozma star Tau China adopted a clear coded pulses. In the press over the past decade, a huge mass of published material about the signals from space flights and accidents UFOs, mysterious crop pictures that resemble the coded messages of a different mind. first officially recorded case of getting mysterious signals from outer space dates back to 1889. It happened in the Colorado lab of Nikola Tesla. Repeated experience has given no result. In 1921, the strange signals received Guglielmo Marconi. And again it was a coincidence. After seven years of scientific press reported about the mysterious echoes of any facility located outside of the Earth’s ionosphere. 1959 – NASA’s recorded signals of unknown satellite of our planet, but soon reported that this is a mistake.

Continue reading “Who will give us signals from space?”

Week in space changes the eye

space changesThe total of 13 days in space enough to cause profound changes in the structure of the eye and the expression of genes, the study, which was led by scientists from the Space Center Lyndon Jones from Houston (USA). In the study, researchers studied how low gravity, cosmic radiation and oxidation stress affect the mice. In addition, this is the first study that has examined the expression of genes involved in the work of the eye, as well as the behavior of the cells after space flight. The scientists found changes in the expression of genes that help cells to cope with oxidation stress in the retina that occurs, probably due to radiation exposure. These changes are partially reversible after returning to Earth. Continue reading “Week in space changes the eye”

Three of the most puzzling facts about space

spaceThe bottom of the lake Tchebarkul this week, scientists will try to get the biggest piece of the meteorite. To investigate this, the fragment will be gathered a large group of scientists. However, space has always attracted the attention of researchers. Here are 3 of the most puzzling facts about space.

1. Aliens living on Earth many centuries ago in the Mexican city of Onavas found a unique burial of unusual creatures resembling humans. The remains looked truly fantastic: the narrow orbit, elongated skull, deformed teeth … The archaeologists managed to unearth the remains of about 25. Continue reading “Three of the most puzzling facts about space”