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What do we know about the soul?

SoulMore recently, during the atheism, it was thought that such a thing does not exist. Years passed, and some researchers have concluded that the soul – is a kind of immaterial substance, which concluded the ability of a living being to think and feel. But with the end of the XX century in various countries around the world, experiments were conducted, through which we can conclude that the soul does not just exist, it has a number of physical features that resemble the properties of thermal radiation or electromagnetic field. And then, according to the law of conservation of energy, after the death of the physical body, it does not disappear completely, but only goes to another state.

How heavy astral body

Arguing about the soul (also called astral body), I would like to get an answer to one main and two side-issue. The main thing – does it exist at all? And if so, where is and where to move after the physical death of the body? Read the rest of this entry »

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The great mysteries of the soul

soulDo souls can really is people in the world of the living? And if this is true, this means the death of the human body – life does not end? In 2013, American and Japanese scientists said that after twenty-seven years of research, they finally managed to uncover the mystery of the soul.

With the help of special devices, they not only managed to capture the output of the soul from the body, but determined matter of which it is composed. Read the rest of this entry »

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Aura manifestation of the soul

Aura Scientists use highly sensitive machine could detect emanating from the human light, invisible to the eye.

Research scientists at Tokyo University have shown that the strongest aura appears in the morning, during the day it is saved, and the evening is practically invisible.

Biophysicist and biochemist Gennady Goroshkin said that he does not require proof of the existence of the aura, because he is able to see it.
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How to soul departs after death

soulEvidence of survivors of clinical death and allegedly flew to the “other world.” They saw themselves on the side swept through some tunnel communicated with strange beings … near death experience – the name of this phenomenon.

But what did he show? This issue has recently once again excited progressive society after she met with a sensational statement by Professor Stuart Hameroff (Dr Stuart Hameroff) of the Department of Anesthesiology and Psychology, University of Arizona (Department of Anesthesiology and Psychology at the University of Arizona) and concurrently Director Center for the Study of consciousness at the same University (Director of the Centre of Consciousness Studies).
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The individual soul exists in each of us

soul existsThe Collective Consciousness of Being there is also the group soul of humanity, inclusive of our individuality and that is intended union of souls that vibrate in tune with physical existence.
Just as there is an individual consciousness, there is also a collective consciousness or group to which we belong together because we came to this life to ascend to a higher level of consciousness as a human race and fulfill God’s plan in our lives.
We are all the same essence in the human collective individuality and are interconnected, communicated and integrated into the collective consciousness of the whole Universe. Read the rest of this entry »

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What is the Soul?

The  SoulWhat is the Soul? There are numerous definitions of the term varied, among which we have chosen:
– “The Soul is the substance or cause cheerleader of individual life.” Anonymous.
– The Egyptians held that the soul was divine ray acting through a fluid compound peculiar.
– The Jews consider the vital principle.
– The Hindus teach that the human soul is part of an immutable principle, the world soul, the Anima Mundi, the all-pervading ether of space (akasha). Said ether is simply the driver of certain types of energy and serves as an interface between the essential spirit and intangible matter.
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Israeli doctors found a man’s soul

man's, soulDoctors with the help of instruments MRI turned out to find evidence of the presence of a human soul.

On Thursday, April 29, in Caesarea called the annual congress of the Israeli Neuroimmunology, where will present new research on brain activity and its relationship with the immune system of the human body.

These include, first made public the results of studies the relationship between brain activity and spirituality. As the chairman of the Israel Association of Neuroimmunology and the head center for the study of multiple sclerosis at Hadassah Hospital Ein Kerem, Professor Dimitrius Karosis, medical devices using magnetic resonance imaging have found evidence for a human soul.
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Scientists dispelled the myth of the existence of the soul

heartThe phenomenon of “life after death. They tried to give a logical explanation as to why some people survived clinical death, claim that their soul leaves the body. However, many saw the story of his life, visited the tunnel with light at the end, and some even talked with God!

The results showed that all descriptions of “seen” in a state of clinical death is not nothing but a hallucination caused by the withering away of brain cells.

In clinical death, the brain ceases to be supplied with oxygen, and accordingly, the neurons begin to die. During cell death in the brain is changing neural connections that are often accompanied by the appearance of old memories and hallucinations. In other words, a man sees what he wants to see. And who else but God, we want to see in this difficult hour for us?
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The Soul lives in the stone

Archaeologists have discovered in Turkey, an ancient stone slab with carved on it the image of men. Nakhodka, dating from the VIII century BC, weighs about 360 kg. Its size – 90×60 cm

The monument was found at the site of the ancient city itself-Al. Once upon a time there was a prosperous kingdom, now this is one of the most important areas for archaeological excavations.

Stove, analogues of which had not previously found, was undamaged. The remains of the creature man may have been burned. According to the inscription of 13 lines, who lived at that time, people believed that the soul of the deceased lives in a stone slab.
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