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The mystery of the Egyptian pyramids will not be solved

pyramidsSince that time, as the Egyptian pyramids were built by people asking questions: what purpose and by whom they were erected?

Is to create tombs for pharaohs for millennia and perpetuate their names? But, according to Egyptologists, in the biggest pyramids that are located on a plateau near Cairo Giza found only empty sarcophagi and mummies of pharaohs were not found. In recent years, there were various hypotheses on the appointment of the pyramids: Read the rest of this entry »

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Geological mystery blueberries on Mars is not yet solved

geological mysterySeveral years ago, the rover Opportunity found on the surface of the Red Planet’s Endeavour crater near the strange balls that later scientists and townsfolk dubbed blueberries. They were so similar to those of wild berries. The shell they seem crispy and soft insides.

They have different concentrations, different structures, different composition and distribution on the surface. Overall, appeared in front of us curious geological mystery – says Steve Squires , one of the leading researchers Mission Opportunity. Read the rest of this entry »

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