Solar eclipse in Moscow where it will be seen

Solar eclipseA few days ago, Muscovites, residents of suburbs and a number of other regions could see the aurora. This surprises nature has not ended March 20, residents of the capital will be able to see a total solar eclipse  the Moon will cover 60% of the solar disk. Look at this unique phenomenon can be in specially equipped areas.

In particular, one of these sites will be equipped in Gorky Park. From 11:30 on the balustrade at the main entrance Muscovites will be there waiting for members of the Moscow Astronomical Club they talk about the nature of the solar eclipse and how better to watch him. Park Sokolniki also invites you to enjoy the eclipse. Continue reading “Solar eclipse in Moscow where it will be seen”

The total solar eclipse will occur

The total solar eclipse of the twentieth March on 20,2015 – a 61st eclipse of Saros one hundred and twentieth. The area gets the best of its visibility in the polar and middle latitudes of the northern hemisphere.  Reaches maximum eclipse at coordinates 64.4 ° North latitude, 6.6 ° west longitude, lasts a maximum of 2 minutes 47 seconds, and the width of the Moon’s shadow on the Earth’s surface is 463 kilometers.

At the time and point of maximum eclipse of the sun direction of 135 °, and the height of the sun above the horizon is 18 °.  Dynamic world time at the moment of greatest eclipse: 9:46:47 amendment dynamic time: 69 seconds. Continue reading “The total solar eclipse will occur”

The total solar eclipse

eclipseA few bright cosmic phenomena can watch residents of northern latitudes, for they come in 2015, but unusual astronomical surprises during this period is expected.

As said on Monday Interfax a senior fellow at the Main Astronomical Observatory Sergei Smirnov, one of the most interesting celestial phenomena occur on March 20, the vernal equinox. Continue reading “The total solar eclipse”