Mitsubishi has developed a solar power station in space

 solarImagine the power in space. A world in which all electrical devices and appliances in the world are working from a stable cosmic radiation. It sounds like science fiction, but soon it could become a reality thanks to the efforts of Japanese scientists.

Mitsubishi has announced that she was able to transmit 10 kW of microwave energy at a distance of 500 meters in the air. Cosmic energy converted into electricity was used to power the LED lights on the Earth.Tough competition for traditional energy resources has forced many countries to look for alternative sources of energy. Continue reading “Mitsubishi has developed a solar power station in space”

The annular solar eclipse will be held April 29

 solar eclipseApril 29, during a solar eclipse in some remote parts of the world the sun will look like a ring of fire. Lunar eclipses occur only during a full moon and the sun, only during a new moon. Usually lunar eclipse means that just before or just after the new moon it will be a solar eclipse.

Solar eclipse, which is expected on Tuesday, will be circular, because on Tuesday the Moon is almost at the great distance from the Earth will be too small to completely cover the Sun. Continue reading “The annular solar eclipse will be held April 29”

A hybrid solar eclipse

solar eclipseAstronomers biophysics astrophysics and just fans of the beautiful already headed for Africa, with the territory of which it will be possible to observe a total solar eclipse. At this time the moon is not just close the Sun. Before this eclipse will be an annular – that is from the sun will be glowing ring that almost a minute hang in the sky. Here is a space show called hybrid – first ring, then a total eclipse. Altogether, the shadow of the moon on the passage of the surface of our planet 13,600 kilometers. Starts in the Atlantic Ocean, finishing in the east of Africa. eclipse, scientists will be watching from the Irkutsk State University (ISU). Together with research equipment will be located in the north of Kenya, near the town of Lod war. Continue reading “A hybrid solar eclipse”

Explosions in the Sun

Sun explosionsSun – the only star of the solar system, the yellow dwarf, our daylight. It was around the turn other objects, the planets and their moons, asteroids, meteorites, comets and cosmic dust. And what happens to our luminary has an impact on the entire solar system.

 The usual frantic shining

It seemed that there were no signs of the next cataclysm for yellow dwarf in one of the arms of the Milky Way. For several billion years in its core thermonuclear fire raged. Every second, stood out a monstrous energy, equal to the number of explosions difficult Computing  the most powerful thermonuclear bombs. The tremendous heat of the nuclear furnaces poured evenly dazzling radiance, supporting life on the third planet. It seemed that it always will be, and in front, especially against the background of short sparks of lives forever… Continue reading “Explosions in the Sun”

Solar panels energy independence

Solar SystemEnergy highly body – a phenomenon that is actively interested minds throughout their own existence. In addition to heat and light their homes, people have tried different ways of heating food or water, make fire.

In this crazy world, the rapid developments of nano-technology are increasingly investigating the use of solar energy in different areas of life, people’s activities. Continue reading “Solar panels energy independence”

NASA said increase in solar activity

solarNASA reports that the Sun showing an unexpected activity throwing clouds of plasma in all directions.  The explosion began around 0400 UT on March 5 and threw a massive CME into space.  This growth in the global solar activity could foreshadow a stormy period of space weather in the coming days.

Served as a catalyst for the explosion of the active region AR1686. This active region will soon turn toward Earth, which means the ego-effective solar activity in the near future.

Solar system has its own matrix

matrixScientists have happy the world a new detection. Outcomes can be stated as follows: “There is the matrix of life in space.” The Observatory Arizona Sovern Chang in an interview Irwing Natural said: “I saw it, it was God.” A huge education in the solar system, code-named Matrix BQI-33087 claims to be the world demurring.

History of the finding of thirty years, when at that time young scientists laboratory astrophysics Seattle Denil Robbins, Ron Jeremy and Sovern Chang began to gather information about an unknown material scattered within the orbit of Neptune and Mars. Continue reading “Solar system has its own matrix”

Next month will one solar and one partial lunar eclipse.

lunar eclipseTold APA Shamakhi Astrophysical Observatory named after N. Tusi National Academy of Sciences, the solar eclipse will occur on November 14 from 4:44 to 23:39 Baku time. This is a natural phenomenon in Azerbaijan will not occur.

A partial lunar eclipse will happen on 28 November, 16:18 to 20:51. Lunar eclipse in Azerbaijan will be a part.
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Total solar eclipse of 13/14 November 2012

solarThe solar eclipse will be in Northern Australia, Queensland, Cairns city – the only major city in which the moon is completely closes Sun.

Star, hiding his positive energy for a moment, certainly will have an impact on all who live on earth, but it is true, to varying degrees.

As I have repeatedly written about the effects of a solar eclipse, recall and now – do not think that it is time the eclipse brings negative or irreversible event. Certainly, in the day of the eclipse, the day before and the day following the increased accident risk, as well, and generally in the days of the new moon. Chances attempts robbery ATM or bank branches in small towns where such attempts have been made a year ago.
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Solar inhabitants monitor Earth

EarthThe Sun created something incredible. Specialists in paranormal phenomena noticed that the National Space Administration USA (NASA) permanently removes from its website pictures of solar corona. And when they come back, the photo retouching traces. Such activity is suspicious UFONASA discovered hidden artifacts.

On the first great UFO (the size of our planet), seen near the Sun, “AN” wrote in 2010. Since then yielded many different proofs of their existence.
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