Zodiacal light will soon appear in the sky

Rare zodiacal light will soon appear in the night sky. The weak glow of tiny dust particles from the solar system, which stretches along the ecliptic, in the Zodiac, is difficult to observe.

Proper selection of the conditions of observation may allow many amateur astronomers to see in the night sky dim glow of interplanetary dust.
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Why and what is sprayed into the sky

the skyMany major aerospace corporations in the United States. gave an interview on Revolution Radio 09.10.2012. I made the translation of important points.

sprayed not only unusual substance, but in different ways. most unusual – is spraying nanoparticles. if you look at them under a microscope, you will find two amazing things: they all – perfect sphere, and all of them – quite a tiny size. The smaller the particles, the less their emptiness, and the higher the frequency, they can cause.
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NASA again garbles on the outbreak and a strange glow in the sky in southern Russia

the skyLost count of the summer, watching the glow on either side of the Sun. Option – the halo, but the structure, size does not fit. No circular glow. The pattern of occurrence can be traced with solar flares. Major outbreaks. NASA on major outbreaks were reported, but a flash – and there was a release sent to the Earth.

Halo usually appears around the sun, and they are caused by ice crystals in cirrus clouds at a height of 5-10 km in the upper troposphere. View of the observed halo depends on the shape and arrangement of crystals.
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Dead birds rain from sky over New Jersey

Dead birdsDozens of dead birds littered the streets this week after plummeting from the New Jersey skies.

The incident is similar to other accounts of dead birds falling from the sky in recent times including one event in Maryland that saw hundreds of birds littering the side of a road earlier this year. A county spokesperson has attributed the most recent spate of deaths to granular pesticide spread in nearby farms while warning residents to avoid contact with the dead birds and to stay indoors. Continue reading “Dead birds rain from sky over New Jersey”

Mysterious noctilucent clouds as seen from the International Space Station

Mysterious “night shining” or noctilucent clouds are beautiful to look at, and this stunning image offers an unusual view of these clouds as seen by astronauts aboard the International Space Station. They are also called polar mesosphere clouds, these clouds have baffled scientists with recent dramatic changes. They used to be considered rare, but now the clouds are becoming brighter, are more often visible at lower latitudes and lower than ever, and sometimes they appear during the day. Astronauts may take a sequence of these clouds on June 5, 2012, as seen under. According to NASA is the first sequence of images taken from orbit phenomenon. The sequence in this video was taken while the ISS passed over western Asia. By focusing on the end of the earth at night with the sun illuminating it, the team was able to capture some of these mysterious clouds movements. Continue reading “Mysterious noctilucent clouds as seen from the International Space Station”

UFO in the sky over the field

UFOsThe group of unidentified objects in the quantity of 4 pieces, divided into pairs, arranged for UFOs show up in the sky over the field. And so to fly under the laws of physics and aerodynamics – is impossible. I was shooting – this afternoon.

The first time I saw these two pairs of UFOs when examined benchmarks strange geometric markings on the field. They moved very quickly, but at some point just stopped in the air, and then put the camera and turned on the record, but by the time the UFO returned to his super-speed. In normal playback speed is too high these UFOs can not see what they get up in the air, but due to slow play a recording, you can appreciate the incomprehensibility of the trajectories of these objects.
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A world that is played with the sky

skyThe Mount Everest region of famous and amazing Khumbu in Nepal (one of the most visited Nepal is a destination but not easily accessible). Village inhabited by the friendly Sherpa is the “kingdom of the towering” mountains and stunning scenery, adding four of the fourteen highest mountains in the world and a series of peaks that far exceed the 7,000 meters. Arguably the inhabited world “closer to heaven.”
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The star Arcturus harbinger of storms

harbinger,stormsArcturus – the brightest star, its distance 36 light years, the luminosity is 115 times higher than solar. In view of the fact that this very bright star for six months looming in front of my balcony I can accurately say that it became brighter and increased in size. In addition, its behavior in the starry sky and the location, just causes confusion in the ranks of astronomy. Neither Sirius nor Venus do not correspond to all the parameters of this star. I’m not an astronomer, but there are maps of the sky in search of an answer, I had studied them. Benefit review of the balcony on my horizon to horizon, and the constellations are clearly visible.
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Faros sky lighthouse – one of the Seven Wonders of the World, built in a bay of the city of Alexandria, on the island of Pharos during the time of the Egyptian Pharaoh Ptolemy I apply.

In 332 BC Alexander of Macedon conquered Egypt, and immediately there was a need for new capital of the state. She became Alexandria.

A place for new capital was chosen with great care. To the city does not clog up debris and silt brought from the Nile, Alexandria was built away from the river, not far from Lake Mareotis. Between the Nile and Martinson paved channel, which allows courts to move as the Nile and the Mediterranean Sea?
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What we see in the starry sky?

starry ,skyProbably not so in love couple who would not walk at night under the sprawling dome of the night sky. Night and the stars evoke romantic visions, the subject of interesting communication often celestial objects. What you need to know to not let us down in front of your favorite or stun your favorite?

First, be aware of the compass. Roughly they can determine the place of sunset or sunrise. For example, marks the place where the sun set. This will be the west – or rather, the north-west in July. Pull out hand in hand; his right hand to the west, while the left will point to the east, the chest will be facing to the south, and back – to the north.
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