Skeletons of the ancient inhabitants

ancient inhabitantsMexicois a vast region Eastern Sierra Madre, consisting of a system of endless mountain ranges. Scientists believe that 10-12 thousand years ago, moving from the north, primitive hunter-gatherers have chosen this land of countless caves.

In 2008, here in the state of Tamaulipas, in a cave called La Escondida in Spanish means secret, secretly, stealthily have been found human remains, of which managed to extract samples of genetic material. Laboratory DNA analysis indicated the identity of these people to haplogroup C , representatives of which also are Polynesians and ancient Asians. Continue reading “Skeletons of the ancient inhabitants”

Peru found an ancient tomb with skeletons

ancient tombArchaeologists from the University of Belgium in Peru have unearthed an ancient tomb. Near the mass grave was discovered 70 skeletons. A unique discovery was made in the town of Pachacamac, located 32 km south of Lima.

By assumption, the experts, the tomb was created around 1000’s. our era. The length of the tomb – about 20 meters, making it the largest burial of those that are found today in the region.
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The two skeletons of the Vampire

VampireIn Bulgaria Archaeologists have found two skeletons from the Middle Ages, the body which are associated with iron rods, which, according to popular belief, vampires are not allowed to become “unread creatures”

These bodies are the latest in a sequence of discoveries in the western and central Europe that shed light on how seriously people took a threat of vampires, and help to understand the nature of how the beliefs of the past have been transformed into a modern popular myth.
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