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simple questions that scientists still can not find answers

AnswerMany of the easy questions, but some of the surrounding reality are still “white spots” even to the scientists. Why have the force of gravity? As domestic fish can predict earthquakes? Why do people yawn? Here is a selection of interesting questions, the answers to which modern scientific knowledge has not yet given.

1. Why do we yawn?

At this point there are many theories, including the most ridiculous. Interest are two as the most likely.
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10 Incredibly simple things to protect your internet privacy

Internet PrivacyThe very simplest steps for use INTERNET privacy protection, allowing anyone to snoop through their phone with the greatest of ease, to see whichever messages, photos, and sensitive apps they please.
So this post is for you, guy with no iPad password, and for you, girl who stays signed into Gmail on her boyfriend’s computer, and for you, person walking down the street having a loud conversation on your mobile phone about your recent doctor’s diagnosis of that rash thing you have. These are the really, really simple things you should be doing to keep casual intruders from invading your privacy.
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